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Starting an online business is never an easy task. If you are starting a new site or you already have an established online e-commerce store, it’s important you advertise correctly to help your business thrive. Many businesses opt for digital marketing methods when they are planning advertising campaigns. While this is a great way to advertise, you should also consider some traditional marketing methods that may propel your business to the top.

Leaflet Distribution

It doesn’t matter what industry your business serves, taking advantage of leaflet distribution services could be the answer to your lack of customers. One of the main benefits of leaflet distribution is that you can connect with your audience in their own homes by giving them physical information about your business. It’s also a very cost-effective marketing method that can produce impressive results.

Direct Mail Coupons

If you regularly offer discounts or coupons on your main website there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of direct mail coupon services to give you an advantage. By using such services you’ll be able to get physical coupons professionally printed and sent straight to your customers so they can take advantage of your discounts without having to find your website. It’s a terrific way to advertise and it’s a sure way of building new relationships.

Business Cards

Printing business cards is a cost-effective way of getting your brand out there. Whether you participate in local events or you’re just at a local bar and you are chatting to potential partners or other business owners, it’s smart to have a few business cards on you so you can hand them out whenever you see fit. Buy your cards in bulk and save money with a Vistaprint discount code.

Event Participation

Participating in local events is an effective way to promote your brand and website. It also gives you a chance to take advantage of the other aforementioned marketing methods. Participating in local events doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even offer free drinks and food with branded accessories to potential clients and customers to give your business more exposure.


Postcards are comparable to business cards and leaflet distribution, but distributing postcards can sometimes provide a professional touch. The overall quality you receive will depend on the quality of the card and the printing service you use, but it’s certainly a fantastic way to give potential clients something they can pin up at home or in the workplace, which will further promote your brand.

Traditional marketing methods may not provide all of the benefits that digital marketing does, but you should still consider marketing offline. This is because you can reach new clients that aren’t necessarily great with technology or who don’t use the internet to search for your type of business. Many businesses take advantage of digital marketing and traditional marketing at the same time because it provides more exposure, and that’s always something you could consider if it’s a viable solution for your business.