Every ICO has a whitepaper. Some ICO’s will get fancy and call it a “blackpaper” or something similar, but the principle remains the same. Creating a good whitepaper is absolutely essential if you wish you have a good final product and attract investors.

What is the Whitepaper?

Your company’s whitepaper is the part that tells them everything that they need to know about your company, your business model, team, how they can invest, and how they can profit. You need to put some serious time and thought into creating your whitepaper as it can make or break your company.

You need to strike a fine balance between making it easy-to-understand for the layman, but also filling it with enough information so that the technically minded blockchain expert is interested. Some ICO’s go for a shorter whitepaper, but this is a mistake. A good whitepaper should be at least 20 pages long. If you want to make a short version, that’s fine, but call it your “quickpaper” and make sure it doesn’t take the place of your whitepaper.

The Ultimate ICO Whitepaper Template

So what does a good whitepaper look like? How do you write the type of whitepaper that the professional cryptoinvestor will look at and think, “Wow! I need to participate in this ICO”? Let’s take a brief look at the ultimate ICO white paper template.


The outline is going to be your first step. You should never write anything in life without at least a basic outline, and this is especially true when you’re writing the document that dictates the success of your ICO and the future of your business.

Take some time to sit down, sketch out some major headings, fill them with notes, and even draw some diagrams which you’ll want to include in your whitepaper. Don’t skimp on the details either. This is the part where you test the full capacity of your brainstorming abilities.

Describe the Problem and Your Solution

The first part of your whitepaper is simple. It’s going to describe the Why of your company. Tell your potential investors about what problems exist in the world, and how your ICO can fix them. You need to convince the reader that they’re bettering the world by investing and allowing your company to succeed.

Token Release and Market

For the investors that aren’t so philanthropic, this is the most important part. You need to create a detailed outline complete with diagrams and descriptions about how your token release is going to look. Outline your soft and hard caps, total number of tokens, and how they will be distributed. Show your potential investors how much money that they can make by investing in you.

Introduce Your Team

A business without a team is as good as a small fish swimming in a big ocean. You need to have a great team to succeed, and you need to show the world that your team has what it takes to get the job done and take your ICO to the top tier. Do a brief write up on each of your major advisors and founders, along with anybody else you find helpful. The more the better.

Making it Happen

There you have it! The ultimate ICO whitepaper template. Each ICO will have a different whitepaper, but the template should always remain the same. Never rush your whitepaper. Remember that your business depends on it.