Looking To Start An Online Store? Here Are Some Websites Where You Can Search Domain Names


Your domain name plays a very important role in defining your online presence. You need to find domain names that align with your brand name. It’s your domain name that your audience will use to find your website. Picking a domain name for your business is not an easy task, and can turn out to be quite overwhelming.

Use domain name generators to search domain names that align with your business

But, today there are various domain generator websites through which you can search domain names for your website. Here’s a list of seven such domain name generating websites you can try.

Domain Name Generators To Search Domain Names

  •  Shopify Business Name Generator is a free-of-cost domain name generator as well. You can search domain names by using possible keywords associated with your brand. Once you put the keywords that you want in your domain name, Shopify ‘s business name generator will provide you with a set of suggestions. The suggestions offered by this tool use the ‘.com’extension.
  • ‘Bust A Name’ is another domain name generator that you can rely on when you want to search domain names for your website. This domain name generator comes with different filters that you can apply when finding an ideal domain name for your website. You can search by specific keywords as well as by applying filters like ‘starts with’ and ‘ends with’. With Bust A Name, you can add different extensions to your domain name. This includes .com, .org, .net. You can also look for random domain names for your website when you don’t have any keywords in mind.
  • Lean Domain Search allows you to search domain names by alphabetical filters, length filters as well as by the level of popularity. Here, you can also save your favorite domain names. Further, you have the option of tracking all your search history through this domain name generator. A great thing about this domain name generator is that it allows you to know if a domain name is already taken.
  • NameStall is another domain name that you can go for. It comes with a range of tools with which you can conduct a domain name search. You can also use filters such as popular keywords, the category of industry, parts of speech, domain extensions and more. You can get the keywords to be added to the beginning or the end of your domain name. This domain name generator tells you which of the domain names are both taken as well as those that are not yet registered. There’s a brand-wise domain name list on this domain name generator tool as well.
  • Panabee is another domain name generator that you can consider. It’s a domain name generator as well as a business name generator. You can use two keywords and then search for all the possible domain name suggestions for your website. Panabee will also alert you if your domain name is already being used by someone else on the internet.
  • Name Station is one more domain name generator that you can use to search domain names. You can sign up on this tool using your email account or your Facebook This tool gives you access to not only the domain generator but the instant availability checker as well. With this, you can check if your domain name is available or not. With Name Station, you can search for your ideal domain name by using filters like name length, domain extensions, and other relevant filters. This tool offers keyword suggestions as well.
  • Instant Domain Search is another tool where you can search domain names. It’s great for you especially if you have already thought of a domain name for your website. The tool allows you to check if a given domain name is available or not. Instant Domain Search will also suggest alternative domain names related to the ones that you want. This way, if they’re already taken you can still look for a related domain name. Moreover, they also let you know which of the domain names are open for auction.

With several options available on the internet, today, buying a domain name can be easy and hassle-free. But it’s difficult to come up with a unique domain name with so many brands online. Name generators like Shopify help you generate domain names automatically and also check if they’re available to use. If you’re planning to start an online store you should definitely think about using a domain name generator to come up with a unique domain name for your website.