As a business owner, you want to reward your hard-working team of dedicated employees. While you know you can get a variety of gift cards to department stores, Starbucks and movie theaters, you really want to show your appreciation this time with a unique and luxurious gift. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there for company owners like you who want to say thank you to each employee with something extra special. For example, consider the following ideas:

Why Not Something Wearable

There are a number of amazing wearables that would be perfect gifts for your employees. One idea is an activity tracker like a FitBit. From tracking its user’s heart rate, steps taken, amount of sleep and more, a FitBit is an innovative way to encourage employees to stay healthy both in and out of the office. It also lets them know that you care about their physical and emotional well-being enough to invest in it.

Another great idea for a luxury wearable is to treat your team to a smartwatch that they can use both for work and pleasure. T-Mobile sells a nice variety of smartwatches, including the Samsung Gear S3 frontier that looks like a premium watch but includes innovative features like the ability to access apps, check notifications, answer emails and track activity. In addition, you could also enroll each device/employee in a T-Mobile cellular plan that will help keep your employees connected to each other and in sync. Your team — and you too — could use the smartwatches and/or the FitBits to promote health and wellness through fun fitness competitions.

Scrumptious Food and Drink Options

The key with giving food or beverages as a luxurious gift is to pick delicious choices that the recipients are unlikely to buy for themselves. For example, you can’t go wrong with a gourmet gift basket, filled with an assortment of fancy cheeses, smoked salmon, artisan chocolates and more. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets from Amazon are a great option, and they offer both a chocolate and candy option so you don’t have to buy everyone exactly the same thing. As a bonus, the foods are all housed in a gorgeous picnic basket that everyone can use later on for a weekend brunch. Or, if you have a bunch of coffee and tea lovers in your office, surprise them with a huge assortment of their favorite beverage; the Gift Basket website offers an All Time Favorite Coffee and Tea Basket chock full of Tazo Tea, Starbucks coffee, chocolates, gourmet cookies and more.

Hobby-related Gifts

If you have a smaller team that you have gotten to know pretty well on a personal level, giving each employee a top-of-the-line gift that relates to their favorite hobby is incredibly thoughtful. For example, for the golfers in the office, surprise them with an extravagant set of golf clubs, complete with a monogrammed golf bag, plenty of balls and golf club covers with their college logo on them. If you work with amateur photographers, you could give them a top-of-the-line digital camera along with a tripod and camera case; if you need ideas, PC Magazine recently featured a list of the best digital cameras of the year that come in a number of price points. Workers who love to cook can be treated to a gourmet gadget of some kind; for example a large-sized KitchenAid mixer in their favorite color, a Vita Mix blender or perhaps a butcher block filled with expensive knives.