Magento Store: What You Need to Create a High-Converting Product Page


When it comes to increasing a product-page conversion, all factors are important from the images and descriptive texts to navigation and cross-selling elements. Today, we’ll focus on how to add motion to your product page design to let it sell more.

Optimize your product descriptions

The Salsify study shows that detailed product descriptions are the most powerful motivators for a customer to hit the buy button. Though price and reviews matter a lot, they still remain secondary.

The problem is that customers need to know different details depending on their personalities. Some shoppers are more interested in materials, others are more concerned about the care and the terms of delivery. An attempt to answer all possible customers’ questions makes a product description to too long to be easily perceived. In this regard, some experts suggest keeping it short as customers normally skip reading long passages.

This is right to some extent. An ideal product description should be brief and contain little to no needless words. Every line should give customers a reason to buy the product. The biggest mistake is to focus only on the characteristics of the item. It is much better to write about the advantages that customers get when they purchase it.

How to make long descriptions look readable?

  •  Use bullet points to split information into short pieces;
  • Hide information with dropdowns to help customers quickly scan the page and click to get the answers to their questions;

As an example, consider Oliver, a Magento-based web store. They use clickable dropdowns to concisely present info about the key features, materials, delivery, and care. As a result, a customer sees a single selling passage that speaks about the main advantages of the product. If necessary, shoppers expand the needed sections. In addition to saving space on the screen, dropdowns make the product page interactive.

Carefully choose images

The human brain processes images and colors a lot faster than text, so product pictures influence customers’ purchase decisions even more than descriptions. To make sure you present your product in the most comprehensive way, check the tips below:

  • First, show the product from different angles to let customers clearly visualize it;
  • Second, add the images of people wearing or using the product to help customers understand the actual dimensions of the item and envision themselves with this product;
  • Third, make images zoomable to enable customers to examine the product in detail. In addition to the zoom and image sliders, some web stores give customers an option to rotate a model of the product or watch a short video with an actor wearing the item. These motion techniques are particularly good to feature clothes and this way let customers feel the product just like in a brick-and-mortar store.

 Make it quick with a shopping cart pop-up

An AJAX cart pop-up is one more way to make shopping more dynamic. The key idea of an AJAX shopping cart pop-up is to notify customers about the product they have successfully added to their purchases. In addition, this element can be used to let customers make the most popular changes without closing the product page and going to the cart page. For example, if a customer wants to instantly increase the quantity of the same item, they can do it by clicking on some elements on the AJAX cart pop-up.

What other options to include in the pop-up?

  •  First, add the most widely used configurations, like size and color. This will let customers quickly edit their order if they occasionally hit a wrong option.
  • Second, show cart subtotal and update it automatically when customers increase/decrease the number of items. The easier it becomes for a customer to estimate costs, the quicker they make a purchase decision.
  • Third, display related products to attract customers’ attention to the things that perfectly fit the items in the cart. This way a shopping cart pop-up can help you stimulate customers to buy more than they intended.

Particular Magento extensions add extra moving elements to catch customers’ attention. For example, the functionality of a popular Special Promotion Pro extension also allows to create offers based on the cheapest and/or the most expensive products in the cart.

Many successful web stores apply persuasive techniques to stimulate customers to make purchase decisions. What types of dynamics can you use here?

  • First, these are for sure quantity countdowns. There is nothing more disappointing than to spend several hours comparing and reading about products and finally see that the chosen one is sold. Even though today many customers know about such tricks, they still stop hesitating when they see the decreasing number of items in stock. Remember showing you other people that consider the accommodation? Yes, this is exactly about persuasion based on scarcity. In addition to emphasizing the limited stock, such a technique also works as proof that other people like the item.
  • Second, highlight time-sensitive deals. As an example, time countdowns can be used to boost the sales of limited editions or attract attention to discounts.

Combine a pop-up with urgency

An exit pop-up is a perfect way to draw both motion and urgency and this way prevent cart abandonment. The exit pop-up appears on the screen to remind a customer about the items they left in the cart. A simple notification such as ‘you have left an item in the cart’ can hardly return a shopper to the web store. However, if the customer is in doubt, a time-sensitive deal can encourage them to purchase. The key tip is to make the offering relevant to the item. For example, a customer considering a TV set is unlikely to react to a $15 dollar discount, so it is better to make it less evident using a percentage form.

Bottom line

The introduction of motion elements to the product page design helps you hit two targets at once: (a) you provide a complete description that clears any doubt about the product, and (b) you encourage customers to interact with the web store and feel the product better. And the more time customers spend evaluating the benefits of your product, the more ready they become to make a purchase.