Maintaining Client Relationships in Your SaaS Marketing Agency


As the SaaS market has become more crowded with new enterprises throughout the past few years, it has become evident how congested the industry has become. As a myriad of new SaaS companies have become more prevalent throughout the field, a variety of new marketing agencies focusing on SaaS clients have become more ubiquitous as well. If you run your own SaaS marketing agency, then you already understand exactly how important it is to retain your clients with so much competition from other novel agencies. There are numerous steps you can take to maintain your relationships with your clients and ensure that you can retain their business to enable your company to remain successful.

 Ensure that Your Relationships are Personalized

SaaS companies have a multitude of different choices when selecting a marketing agency, and they know that you understand that the field is competitive as well. This is why it is essential for your agency to stand out amongst your competitors. You can do this by maintaining a personalized relationship with your clients. This means that your relationship needs to go beyond the work that you provide for your client, and to forge connections with members on their team. Well of course the relationship is still going to be business-oriented, it is critical for you to understand their team members as actual people, and not just a cog in the machine. This can be done by asking questions about their personal lives; while these questions should not pry too deep, they should enable you to develop an individualized and friendly relationship with people who determine whether to sign with your agency again or not.

 Have Solid Response Times

One of the most important elements of running a quality SaaS marketing agency is to be prompt and punctual. The services you provide are the most important element of your agency, but even if your work is excellent, companies want to ensure that the agency they are working with truly cares about them. A way to show that you care about your clients is to be swift when responding to their questions and needs. It is critical that you always respond to emails and calls with a maximum of 24 hours and that your customer service is impeccable. This should set your clients’ expectations to know that you are not lazing around or that they get the impression that they are not important enough for you to get back to them.

 Create a Customer Feedback System

One of the most challenging aspects that SaaS marketing agencies have with maintaining client relationships is not knowing what exactly their clients are thinking. The best way to determine how a client feels about your services is to ask! Creating a customer feedback system where your customers can analyze and give detailed responses about your work and your agency in general is essential. You can take this information and apply it into your business model, helping you to create a more effective company.

 Final Thoughts

Maintaining client relationships is one of the most vital aspects of running a SaaS marketing agency, as returning clients is the lifeblood of your business. Understanding what steps to take in order to maintain your relationships is imperative for the success of your agency.