Make a Splash – how to stand out at a Trade Show


You already know that being at a tradeshow can help you generate leads, increase your brand awareness, and highlight what your company stands for. However, chances are that you are not the only company at the tradeshow. How can you make sure that you stand out amongst all the other companies? We provide you with several ideas how to make a splash!

Make sure that you have a theme

Your booth can use a theme to stand out from the rest. Your theme does not have to be expensive or elaborate to be successful. However, you do have to be able to connect it to your sales pitch somehow. You can highlight your services, your target market, or your geographic location in your theme.

Make an impression with special effects

For example, do you sell products that help people sleep at night? Try playing a recording of rain softly hitting the windowsill. If you have an all-natural supplement, play sounds of the rainforest to show how ‘natural’ your product is.

Make sure that you provide some hospitality

If you want to stand out from all your other competitors, offer something that lingers with people for a bit – hospitality. You can offer tea, coffee, a cookie, or something a bit more elaborate. Even those people who might not have an interest in your product or service may provide positive word-of-mouth.

Use multimedia to impress

Most people are going to have a monitor that highlights their product, make sure that you have a bigger display that demands attention. You can also opt to use music. However, if you do use music, make sure that it is A) at a reasonable level and B) music that is actually appropriate for what your company provides. For example, if you sell sleep aids, death metal is not the right choice of music.

Scents and aromas can make a difference

However, why would you want to limit yourself to two senses when you can utilize far more? Why do you think that real estate agents use the scent of fresh cookies to close sales? They use it because it works! As with the music, make sure that it is not overpowering and that it is an appropriate scent for your business.

Promotional items

If you are going to give away promotional items, you want to make sure that people use it in a positive way. For example, t-shirts, calendars, and pens with your logo on it are going to be useful to anyone. Especially if you have a quality product, your target audience is going to experience constant reinforcement of your brand name.

These are just a handful of ways that you can stand out during your next tradeshow. Once you are able to draw someone in, to garner attention, you are already halfway towards your goal!


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