How to Make Effective Social Media Campaigns for Halloween

halloween marketing

One of the biggest holidays of the year is coming, and you do not want to miss the chance to use it in your social media campaign to increase the sales of your product. Each year, the campaigns upgrade more and more due to the development of the social media marketing, but we tried to gather the most core ones that would hardly change because of their necessity. If you wish to find out about the spookily effective social media campaigns for the discussed holiday, then keep on reading!

Decorate Your Social Media Profile

This is very important – if your social media profile does not have the appropriate colors like orange and black, it will have no holiday atmosphere. You need to understand that just as a person entering a decorated store wants immediately to buy something there, the person entering your social media profile will want to stay a bit longer and scroll until s/he finds something for him/herself. Halloween social media account will only look good if you care about it – we advise you to hire the designer who will decorate your account beautifully. Just do not forget to change the profile into the normal one when the holiday is over.

halloween marketing

Create Spooky Images

Adding one spooky image each day during the month before the holiday will add the atmosphere and activity to your profile. It can be anything: ordinary pictures of pumpkins and spiders, your product in the Halloween image, or even the whole team in the Halloween costumes! You are aware pretty well of the fact that one picture is worth of dozens of texts because there is nothing more grabbing the attention than the good picture. Halloween is such an amazing opportunity to develop your creativity and do the amazing Halloween marketing campaign!

Offer the Holiday Discount

You have to provide your clients with the image that tells them that they have an opportunity to get a discount during the limited period, in our case – the month before the holiday. You cannot even imagine how your sales are going to grow. In spite of the fact that you are selling them for a lower price, you will have so many clients, you will only benefit greatly. The human nature is greediness – if a person sees that s/he can buy something for the lower price now and will have to pay more later, s/he will buy the item now! Imagine how many people would think that way and increase your sales.

Organize the Photo Contest

No one will ever get tired of this one. One of the coolest Halloween contest ideas would be to decide which picture of the Halloween costume is the best and give a prize to the winner. Seriously, you engage so many people to be active and participate in the contest! You thus make your profile even more popular so that even more clients are attracted. You can even create a special hashtag involving the name of your company, and if numerous people participate in the contest, it can become the whole flash mob! However, do not tell us you do not have time for all our pieces of advice because you have to write tedious essays! Come on, move here and forget about your educational worries!

Give Pieces of Advice Concerning the Holiday

If you do not want to use any of the pieces of advice above, you are very welcome to focus on the Halloween posts. What does that mean? Well, you can create any tips or interesting facts connected with the holiday. If your specialization is food, you may tell your clients interesting recipes of the Halloween food. If you sell the security systems, remind your clients about the necessity to feel safe during the dark autumn evenings. If you sell clothes, make posts on how to make cool Halloween costumes for cheap. Anything that you sell might be somehow connected to the holiday – all you have to do is turn in your imagination! The amazing Halloween campaigns would be to attract people’s attention by providing them with the qualitative content. Your clients would appreciate your attempts to decorate your profile with some useful information, and they would considerably increase your sales.