How to Make Sure Your Product Labels and Packaging Are Effective


For new start-ups, a lot of work and energy goes into creating the business, perfecting the product or service, securing financing, and then getting the word out. One thing that shouldn’t be left to the wayside, however, is the product packaging and labeling.

A label acts as advertising and motivation for your customers and clients, so it needs to be effective. According to a study done by Digimarc, 85% of consumers report that the product packaging does help to make up their mind. It’s clear to see that labeling is something you want to take the time to perfect. With that said, here are some tips to keep in mind as you mull over the right packaging and labeling solutions for your product.

Take Extra Steps in the Beverage Market

Nowhere is packaging and labeling more important than the beverage market. You are trying to make your product pop and stand out from the rest. You are trying to set a tone and a feel for the product and all of this can be done through packaging and labeling.

A great example of this is Flexo beverage labels, which can help companies develop the perfect solution for their needs. As the name suggests, the options are flexible, which allows for customization. Customization is the key in this industry.

Be Sure to Use Your Brand Story

Another tip to keep in mind is to let your brand story be known through the packaging and labeling. This means you need to give thought to what your “brand story” truly is before you go ahead and design the packaging.

The story should say something about the company’s culture and personality and then be reflected in the design you choose. Again, it’s about helping your product stand out on shelves, creating brand awareness, and building a following.

Make Sure the Key Information Can Be Found

Now before you get too creative with your labeling, it’s important you remember to include the key information. Every label should feature the name of the product front and center, the units of measurement of the product, a logo for the brand, and a short description of the product or some sort of tagline.

The back label needs to include directions, ingredients, and if there is a space, you can feature the product story.

Because the label includes a lot of text, you make sure you pick a font that is attractive and easy to read. Sometimes, a font can look really cool and creative but can be very difficult to read. Be wary of the colors you use as well. Ideally, you want to use bright colors as they tend to catch the eye.

Let the Labelling Work for You

Your product label and packaging says a lot about the product itself, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is your opportunity to appeal to consumers, catch their eye, and start to create brand awareness.