Facebook is one social media platform that has taken over our lives both as consumers and as individuals. A business that doesn’t have a website will not rouse much attention, but one that doesn’t have a Facebook page is thought to be a joke.

The good news even for a non-technical start-up is that Facebook is easy to set up, is free and is user friendly. It offers businesses big and small a level playfield despite the completion out there. When the question revolves around the reasons for not creating a page on this platform, the crux of the matter focuses on how to make the posts you make trend, get a high number of shares and how to view shares on Facebook

Getting Facebook to work for your business seems easy. But how do you track Facebook share to ensure they are driving the traffic you want to your brand. The discerning business owner will know and seek to capitalize on the potential of links that lead followers all the way to your brand or products. The better if you have infused your posts with call to action. Remember, your content will need to be captivating, valuable and the kind that search engines tend to favour.

Are Your Facebook Posts Visible?

Facebook as a platform works with a set of algorithms. You will have to master the dynamics, if you expect to engage your audience and keep them hooked on your page. If you have the right tools and platform knowledge, you will make inroads with every post.

Nowadays, Facebook has assumed a pay-to-play model. You will have to part with money to promote your products, such that they get before the eyes of your targeted audience. However, this model doesn’t mean you should give up on the platform. The advertising power of the platform lets your page to get the visibility you need to drive your rank up albeit indirectly.

When you advertise your brand, make sure that you have high definition photos. Users tend to gravitate toward posts with realistic pictures. If you keep posting plain text, the number of clicks you get on your page will diminish. With the right visual and graphics, you build better engagement

Use Social Calls-To-Action

When you post, it might feel awkward to ask users to like your post or page. But doing so has quite an impact. When your audience comments likes and shares your valuable posts, you are reaching out to more prospects and leads. You can consider boosting your posts to increase engagement. There is the option where you can boost your post with an intention to reach out to specific demographics. Afterall, your products are likely to be targeting individuals from different age, sets, location, lifestyle, job title, gender or social behaviour.

The better idea is to focus first on followers who have already expressed interest in your products. They not only comment, but they will share any post over and over again. With such referrals, you get Facebook shares working for you in a cost effective manner.

Reach Your Buyer Personas to Get More Shares

Likes and comments aren’t as impacting in a marketing campaign as the shares you get.  Facebook shares will work for you only if you have upped your engagement game. Improved engagement means you are reaching the number of prospects who could in the long run become repeat customers. All you need to do is make your posts as compelling and appealing as possible.

To deliver the best results, you need to post updates as regularly as possible. Conventional wisdom is that nobody will share what they cannot see. If you have engaged the right buyer persona, it won’t take long for them to share and get more buzz around your product/brand.

Give Your Audience What They Want

Getting your Facebook posts to work for you entails posting what your target audience craves for. You need to look at the posts that get the most likes and comments. You shares aren’t easy to come by if you are a monotone kind of content contributor. Try new things and don’t forget to leverage user generated content to get your shares working for you.