Make your mobile app success with functional testing


Gone are the days when telephone sat in the corner of the room and had to ring to alert you. Now even the computers are becoming just an electronic machine for most of the people. Now, mobile technology has taken over the world and broken all of the conventional limits of communication. There is no more need to depend on the telephone in the corner and switch on the laptop or computer for everything. Now the smartphones, your handheld devices are enough to perform everything quickly. With more than 2 million mobile apps around the world, the smartphone connects the business with the customers 24×7 without visiting the office or even the website.

Importance of mobile app testing

All of the businesses are in a hurry to take their businesses to mobile screens. This gives an excellent opportunity for people to make use of apps to meet their needs and requirements. Do you know that more than 71% of the app uninstalls are resulting from app crash? Your app should have the ability and functionality to provide what your customers expect from it. Here comes the importance of mobile app testing. This is a test carried out to check the usability, functionality, and consistency of the mobile app before they are launched. Now the process is made easy with pCloudy, one of the leading mobile testing platforms. Functional testing is one of the important mobile app testing you should never miss.

Functional Testing

pCloudy is one of the most trusted mobile app testing platforms for testing the functional features of your mobile apps. Functional testing is made to make sure that all of the functions of the mobile app are working in compliance with the specified requirements. This excellent platform helps the users and professionals to perform all types of functional testing including Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Sanity Testing, Smoke Testing, Regression Testing, System Testing, and User or Beta acceptance testing.

Make the app perfect

Presence of bugs and laziness is more than enough to make your apps vanish from the mobile screens of most of the people within a few minutes or hours of installation. The mobile app market is flooded with thousands of apps for every service in local, national and international level. You can overcome the competition and make your mobile app a success only when it serves the customers perfectly. pCloudy mobile apps testing platform helps you check mobile app using both manual and automated testing. This helps you to find bugs and other issues and to settle it instantly to make the app perfect before it is made available on the app market.

Mobile app checks on the go

This is a fantastic feature of pCloudy. Since this platform works on the cloud, it helps you check the mobile app at anytime from anywhere. You can check the app with more than 5000 devices using automated checking to make sure that your app performs well with all of the screen resolutions, operating systems, and devices.

Be smart and wise enough to conduct functional testingwith pCloudy, the most trusted and reliable mobile app testing platform.