Making Yourself More Marketable: Improving Yourself and Your Resume in the Digital Age

resume marketing

In an age of fast communication, tons of technology, and a myriad of specialized work, it’s important to stand out for the right reasons when you are on the search for a job.

Every day, thousands of qualified candidates apply for their dream jobs, but they lack the kind of resume that would get them considered. It’s an absolute shame but also an easy problem to address. If you fall into this category, consider adding the following items to your personal skill set—and of course to your resume, too. This way, you’ll improve your chances of standing out as the leader of the pack and landing your ideal job.

Take Online Courses

Knowledge is power of course, but certificates and degrees mean landing jobs. Taking an online course in your field is a quick and easy way to boost your resume and improve yourself.

Online courses often allow for more customization and flexibility than a traditional course. This emerging market has hundreds of options, so you can find a course for exactly the skill you’d like to improve. Make sure to take a class from an accredited institution, however, and don’t fall for any scams in the online educational world.

If you are truly committed to improving your skill set, you can take part in a program that allows you to complete an online graduate certification in marketing or other fields like design or even entrepreneurship. With programs like these, you can truly push your education and therefore your value in the job market.

Examine and Reformat Your Resume

Sometimes you are the perfect candidate for the jobs you are applying for. You really are a match for the skills they seek, and you have the drive they need. However, for some reason you’re not connecting to your perfect opportunities. That means it’s time to take a good long look at your resume.

When you look at your resume ask yourself these questions: Can I quickly find my relevant job experience? Is it easy to find my contact information? Is the information written clear and large enough to read? Is my resume pleasant to look at?

If the answer isn’t yes to all those questions, it’s time to reformat your resume. This is especially pertinent in the digital age. When looking at things in an online format, overly complicated, over-designed and gimmicky resumes don’t read well. This is true no matter the industry.

A tasteful, simple and clear resume will always get the job done. Also, if you have a digital portfolio or website, add that to your resume to showcase.

Remember your resume is often your first impression. It’s what companies look at as a reminder of you when you’re not in the room.

Consider Participating in Volunteer Work

Giving your time to a charity organization is a great way to both contribute to society and to hone your skills. Whether you volunteer in a field close to your profession or in a side passion, volunteer work expands your horizons and mindset.

Additionally, if you are new to the workforce or new to a field, volunteer experience for a charity or organization in your field shows that you do have previous experience. Even if it’s not a paying job, that experience counts. Plus, it demonstrates that you hold deep passion for your field. Just remember to put it on your resume under a separate section labeled volunteer work.

Charity organizations are always looking for volunteers of any kind. Simply search online for opportunities that you can take advantage of and keep expanding your horizons at every turn.

By enhancing your skills with online certifications, formatting your resume to look good both on paper and online, and expanding your experience with volunteer work, you’re sure to hedge out the competition. Happy job hunting!