As the world is on a roll of transformation, with new advancements and improvements witnessed every day in every field and walk of life, managed IT services are evolving and improving too. As the way of doing business and handling transactions is changing, a lot of management practices are changing and evolving as well. There have been huge transformations in management styles and practices after the advent of the internet. Productivity, efficiency and other aspects of business entities are being improved by diving into the digital solutions today. The world has seen numerous digital solutions till date which has completely transformed the way of doing things, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, social media, ERP systems, mobile application development and e-commerce platforms. What is important about a digital solution is not the mere existence of it or the tasks performed through it, but the rapid improvements and evolution in it. Just as it is said:

“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow” -George W Bush

Another such technological innovation, which has opened new doors of opportunities and efficiencies for companies, is managed IT services. With the rapid evolution and changes involved in every day’s work in an organizational context, it has become challenging for companies to keep pace with, and be informed of, everything going on within the organization as well as in the external environment, for which the managed IT services are utilized. In managed IT services, the IT services of an organization are outsourced to external experts. These services are continuously expanding their capabilities and contributing to making organizations succeed.

Since it is an umbrella term, and provides services in all things related to technology, thus the range of services that can be availed under managed IT services will keep on expanding as the new digital solutions keep showing up. The more this field of technology revolutionizes, the more value will be added to the provision of it. It is said that the future is technology, hence no business can do without technology and technological services. Moreover, not all businesses or companies can afford to manage their IT services in-house, because of which companies started outsourcing their IT needs. So managed IT service is one of the fields that will be among the top demanded skills in the coming years. The profitability as well as productivity of businesses will become more technology dependent or technology driven in the years to come.

Big data and cloud computing are also likely to develop rapidly in future. With only a handful of organizations that are currently using cloud services, these clouds may become essential for businesses in future, giving a further push to managed IT services, thus increasing the demand for it. With Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service, it would not be wrong to say that future may bring “Everything as a Service”. This happens when an existing system of any entity is taken over to the cloud and then sold back to the entity itself as service. Just as, PaaS and IaaS, other components of business may also be shifted to the clouds in future, enabling management of all the components on the go.

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