Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Unmanaged Hosting: Which One is Best for You?


Managed WordPress hosting is when web hosting companies lease their servers to consumers while retaining primary management responsibilities.

In contrast, unmanaged hosting services give consumers a lot more freedom to manage their respective websites.


With unmanaged hosting, you have direct access to the cPanel. This allows you to unfettered control over your website.

Under this setup, the main role of the web hosting company is to guarantee that the server is secure and runs smoothly throughout the year.

Clients love the amount of control they get with unmanaged hosting. But assuming a bigger responsibility for their website’s functionality and features can also be time-consuming.

One advantage of managed WordPress hosting is it makes the CMS easier to deploy. You are handed a ready-made system that is tailored to your needs. It also means you don’t need to hire a dedicated IT team to maintain your CMS.


Compared to unmanaged hosting, managed WordPress hosting have more expensive rates. But allowing the web hosting company to oversee your website will also free you of management responsibility.

As a result, you now have more free time to focus on running and growing your business.


Web hosting companies typically prioritize managed hosting packages (because they cost more) as a value-adding advantage. That means you can call 24/7 and be assured of help.

The type of support you get will depend on the web hosting plan that you choose:

  • Platinum – This is the highest tier in terms of support. You get 24/7 chat support, 24/7 ticket support, web design support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, website migration, SEO consultation, unlimited databases, daily backups, full security coverage, SSL certificates, regular updates, and content management.
  • Gold – You also get 24/7 assistance, 99.9% uptime guarantee, website migration, SEO consultation, regular updates, unlimited databases, daily backups, and more. The local storage, however, won’t be as large as the platinum plan.
  • Silver – This plan offers 24/7 chat support, SSL certificates, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but no SEO and performance consultations.


According to this study, about 40% of hacking incidents involving WordPress was traced to outdated systems and software. This is of the risks you take if you are going the DIY route.

Also, most vulnerabilities are due to complacency more than anything else. Some employees are not taking care of their passwords or use predictable security keys, which can easily be exploited by hackers.

This is where managed hosting services have the advantage. Your website is generally more secure and updated when you leave the technical side to the experts.


WordPress already has built-in SEO tools, including permalink, HTTPs, HTML markup, and the like. Those are essential tools so you can be indexed by search engines such as Google and you show up in the results pages.

However, one crucial element that Google factors in is the uptime rate. If your website spends a lot of time delivering an error message, it’s a sure way to alienate your potential customers. Companies that offer managed WordPress hosting also make sure that your website is well-maintained to ensure consistent uptime rate.

About 1 in 3 websites in the world today are powered by WordPress. That’s how pervasive this platform is compared to the rest of the content management systems out there.

Now, it makes sense that you should use WordPress as well. Not because you want to jump into the bandwagon, but it’s more practical considering that plugins, themes, and third-party apps are all developed to integrate with WordPress. That means fewer glitches and problems encountered by your website.

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