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 Building a website that appeals to search engines & web surfers is the first step to marketing your online business. However, since the first step is often the hardest step, it can be a challenge for many. Your website needs to be one that is search-engine friendly and user friendly for it to really succeed in today’s world. Without a visible website that ranks well in major search engines, your potential customers cannot find the info they need, the service you provide, or the products you offer. Many marketers and online business owners make mistakes that only end up making their page rank low & aren’t getting the results they want.

By following these quick and easy tips, you will begin to notice an improvement in how well your site is doing, which in turn will ultimately improve your marketing efforts.

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Optimize for SEO

By now, almost every website owner has heard of SEO, but not all of them actually fully understand what SEO actually means. SEO is an acronym that means Search Engine Optimization. This is the entire process that goes into making a website rank higher on Google’s search result pages. There are many steps involved in setting up a website for SEO, but with time and dedication, your website will soon receive more visitors. More visitors mean more business for your business.

Make it Easy to Navigate

Web surfers are turned off from websites that are hard to navigate. This will kill your sales! They want to have everything laid clearly in front of them. Always make sure to keep the navigation consistent on your site, and divide categories clearly if there are multiple sections. All elements of your navigation should have clickable links.

Get Trusted Sites to Link Back to Yours

Link building is a must when marketing online. The process of building a reputation for your website off of your site is known as off page SEO. When trying to get websites to link back to yours, you must focus on the quality of the page, rather than trying to get any website to link back. Having many poor quality links can end up hurting you, rather than helping. This also will kill your sales because your website can lose page rank or worse.

High Quality Content is a Must

Web surfers need websites that provide them with high quality content. This keeps them interested and encourages them to look around and see what else your site is about. Without good content, potential customers won’t bother to see what service or product you have to offer. Make your content relevant and keep it updated. The process of using high quality content to optimize for SEO is known as on-page SEO.

Making a user-friendly website is a must if you don’t want your marketing efforts to go to waste. It is ultimately what will make your online business succeed. Learning everything you can about Search Engine Optimization is the key to successful internet marketing. The more visible and accessible your site is to your potential customers, the better your sales will be. Visit for more information on internet marketing. Good luck to you all!