Matching Office or Retail Space to a Corporate Identity


Matching Office or Retail Space to a Corporate Identity

Virtually all businesses now have a website, but a smaller percentage also have a brick-and-mortar location. No matter how digital we go there is always going to be the need for offices and retail spaces. But at the same time, brick-and-mortar business owners must modernize their strategies to attract online shoppers.

Managing an office or retail space is one of the biggest challenges for many business owners. An essential part of the process is making the space reflect your unique corporate identity.

Connecting Your Brand to Your Brick-and-Mortar Business

Commercial real estate firms like Local Advisors are advising today’s business owners to keep brand identity in mind even at an office. The visual representation of an office communicates with employees, which can affect their performance. Building for brand is building with purpose in all business environments.

Use these suggestions from Local Advisors to boost brand identity at your brick-and-mortar location.

Inviting From the Outside – First impressions are everything. What people see when they walk up to your location will formulate their initial thoughts about your business. Your branding should be clearly visible from a distance. Think of your storefront as your personal billboard. Beyond that, the entrance should be well maintained and look inviting.

Does it Convey What You Do – The signage and décor of your business location should convey what it is your company does or who you help. A “family-style” restaurant is far different than a cyber café, even though their services are very similar. The entire atmosphere inside and out should convey a sense of what your business is capable of.

Color Matters – Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference. Humans are innately affected by colors. Our moods can be swung if we’re surrounded by a hue for short and long periods. Of course, your branding will clearly be at play in the color scheme of an office or retail space.

Be Open About Being Green – If your company has a green policy let it be known. Encourage clientele, employees and customers to be more eco-conscious by providing resources throughout your commercial space. The majority of consumers and job seekers prefer to work with sustainable businesses. Why? Proudly sharing your green commitment gives others an idea of your values.

Keep Clientele in Mind – The best branding, no matter what form it comes in, keeps the clientele in mind. After all, you’re trying to make a connection with your customer base. Take their age, education, gender and other factors into mind so they feel welcome and comfortable in the space.

Bring the Experience Online – In the brick-and-mortar world, experience is everything. When a business space is well executed it’s like a living representation of the brand. With photography effects like Google Business View you can turn your physical location into a 3D online tour that allows users to “walk” through the space. Hotels and restaurants are among the first industries to adopt the touring technology.

Will It be Easy to Replicate – There’s always a possibility that your business will open a second location. That’s not the time you want to realize that your design, concept or layout isn’t going to be easy to replicate. Ideally, your new business space can mirror the original location despite being different buildings.

Make You Brick-and-Mortar More Connected – From scanning price tags to self check out lanes, giving consumers more autonomy has proven to be a good strategy for many brick-and-mortar businesses. They create apps that give their customers tools to help themselves and improve the experience, while simultaneously merging their online and offline presence.

The convenience of an app is almost expected by online consumers that only occasionally shop offline as well as digital-only Generation Z shoppers. The age of integrated experience is here, and your brick-and-mortar business may need to jump onboard.