Merchant Account Solutions Most Affordable and Convenient Payment Solutions


Merchant Account Solutions , The Most Affordable and Convenient Payment Solutions at Your Doorstep!Are you concerned about a new payment solution for your business? If yes, Merchant Account Solutions has brought you the exact payment providing services for you. Its popularity is increasing everyday by dint of the easiness of use and the best security for the users.

Are you concerned about a new payment solution for your business? If yes, Merchant Account Solutions has brought you the exact payment providing services for you. Its popularity is increasing everyday by dint of the easiness of use and the best security for the users.

How the Company Started

In the year 2007, the company was established. Their innovations and upcoming technology have been amazing after that. If you take a look at their growth, it is rising day by day. Becoming an American company, the journey was tough and challenging. But MAS has overcome all the problems.

Service of the Company

When you want to install a secured payment solution for your business, the service will be the first thing you care. And, the MAS is the only company that will give you the best service. It has enabled them to achieve a respectable position in this industry.

After you decide to equip the most innovative technology by the Merchant Account Solutions, the company will take care of the rest. The organization is dedicated to provide personal service to their customers.

Customers Variety of the Company

The service and machines are produced for everyone. Yes! You have heard it right. You may have a garment farm or a simple retail shop. No worry! Everyone can get the service from the same company. Well, depending on the size of your business, the pricing may differ, but the quality remains the same. This is the most unique part of their payment solution service.

MAS covers almost all the possible technology available and usable in today’s world. Being a company in the USA, Merchant Account Solutions has made it easy for the citizen of any state to pay bills easily. Also, the business owner can take business anywhere without any hassle of changing the whole setup.

Sometimes, the customers ask for taking advice or suggestion directly from the representatives. The company sends their trained and professional representatives to the customers either the business is small or big. They have a record of providing service to the companies ranked in 500 by the Fortune Magazine. On the other hand, small local shops use the service too.

In short, you will get service from the company anywhere in the USA. Their coverage is increasing day by day.

Should You Use the Service by MAS?

Of course, you should! Because of their innovation and emerging technological development, the businessmen prefer to get the service. Do not hesitate of asking for a payment solution service from them if you own a small coffee shop in your locality. Can’t you afford their machines? No problem! Add a simple credit card reader to your favorite iPhone. This will cost you less and boost the business quickly.

What are the Merits of grabbing the service from MAS?

To know the answer, check the feedbacks from the current users of the Merchant Account Solutions. Here, we have gathered several of them for you.

  1. Security: Every gadget for payment solution is secured. You need not to worry about losing anything from the account.
  2. SW and HW: If you are looking for a well-developed payment solution software, this company should be the first in the list. Along with the hardware, they provide excellent software to improve the easiness of paying and receiving money from credit cards.
  3. Personal: After installing the software or hardware for a business, the business owner does not have to rely on the tech experts. It is very easy to operate and to change the setting. The tight security allows only the authorized users for bringing the changes.
  4. Convenience: Using the services and machines of the Merchant Account Solutions is not a rocket science. Anyone can use it. So, do not worry if you are one of the old generation guys.
  5. Affordability: What is your budget for an advanced quality payment solution? The machines or software of the MAS will give you the maximum security with a minimum budget. Only they can offer you the most affordable price. If you are starting a new company or struggling to develop an e-commerce site, choosing the Merchant Account Solution is the most affordable and reliable decision.
  6. Customer Service: As we previously discussed, their customer service is the best in this industry. You will get what you ask for. To satisfy the clients, they leave no stone unturned. Comparing with the other companies, they own the best personal care for the payment gateway.

Products By This Growing Company

Retail Terminal

While taking bill from the client in the body, using a retail terminal is the best choice. Do you own a hotel or restaurant? Then, you will have to receive the cash instantly. The MAS has several models for receiving bills face to face. The biggest portion of the customers is restaurants and coffee shop owners. Do you know what the best part is? It is completely free! The widely covered service by the Merchant Account Solutions has been amazing through the journey. There are two most popular retail terminals available in the market. Let’s take a look at the terminals and their benefits.

  1. Nurit 2085

This one is an old-fashioned terminal and its popularity is outstanding among the businessman. The accessibility through a single telephone line is the actual reason behind its success. When the customer buys and pays bill through the card, the terminal will acquire information using the analog telephone line.

If you like to use a simpler version of the terminal, this one is a great choice. The operations of the NURIT 2085 are convenient as well as versatile.

The advantage of using this analogue, but advanced terminal is the reliability. It is more reliable than the other terminals available in the market. Again, there is no need to install an additional printer for serving the billing statement slip. The thermal printer included in the terminal will help the businessman to print a cash memo in a second.

The second most advantageous side of the NURIT 2085 is the multi-functionality. A single machine will give the businessman a chance to use several merchant accounts. So, buy one and get the job done for several businesses! Save money and make more profit!

  1. VX 510 DC

It is the only retail terminal by the Merchant Account Solutions that can process both the Debit and Credit card. Some users or buyers do not use a credit card. They carry a debit card and pay money from it without borrowing from the bank.

The decent look of the VX 510 DC has made it popular and user-friendly to the businessmen. You need a table or a counter for processing the transaction through NURIT 2085, whereas VX 510 DC fits easily in the palm.

The characteristics of the device are given below.

  1. Size: The size is as small as the wireless telephone. For entering the pin, you can hand it over to the buyer of your product in a second. The outlook is similar to the ATM interface. A thermal printer is also included with the device.
  2. End to end connection: You must need internet connection for using this retail terminal. Connect the device to the modem and enjoy the magic of the transaction!
  3. Fast: Unlike the other retail terminals, this gadget is fast and equipped with the quick processing unit.

The retail terminal suits in a super shop or motel. Becoming the most user-friendly terminal, you can provide service to the consumers faster and more conveniently.

Be Smart with SmartSwipe

This is a whole new experience for the businessman. When you are traveling with the product, sell them easily to the clients and give them the opportunity to pay with the ATM card. Worrying about the terminal? Use your Apple device. Just add the SmartSwipe card reader with the Apple gadget (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) and let the customer pay the bill. All transactions will be safely recorded in the gadget.

When your smartphone becomes the credit-card terminal, you can start a new journey with the portable business. The Merchant Account Solutions has made it possible outstandingly.

Features of SmartSwipe

  1. It captures signature as soon as the customer punches the card.
  2. A tax calculator is included in the system for clearing the real paying amount to the customer.
  3. The history of cash receipts stays as long as the storage supports. The user can also store them in the cloud service provided by the Apple Inc.
  4. Texting and email service will help the businessman to send the cash memo to the customer after receiving the bill.
  5. Product description feature is the latest addition to this card reader function. The images of the product along with the price will be easily visible to the customers.

Take your business anywhere with the SmartSwipe by MAS!


Virtual Terminal

In this Global village, the relationship between a buyer and seller is not required to be face-to-face all the time. People are selling their product in e-commerce sites and web stores. It is more profitable and needs less manpower. Sometimes, the marketing process can be completed by a single person. But what about the payment? The Merchant Account Solutions provides virtual credit card terminal.

All you need for receiving the payment is a working internet line and a computer or smart device. After the customer fills up the required information form of the credit card, the price will automatically deducted his/her account.

The solution helps the housewives who run homemade catering business in the USA. If you are concerned about the security, the SSL will help the customer to rely on the service. Because this technology lets the customer to complete the procedure without any risk of losing online transaction safety. As the Merchant Account Solutions is a prominent name in this industry, the security is also top class.

More than 98% of the shopping carts are directly or indirectly involved with the virtual terminal of the MAS.

Grab your laptop and become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be!


Not only the hardware, the MAS has been tremendous for developing the software for a secured payment solution. QuickBooks is truly the best debit and credit card processing software in the market.

An extra man is always needed for entering data second time after the daily sale. QuickBooks automatically adds the data into the database and saves the valuable time. The reconciliation process is also automatic. As a result, the bank information, transaction history and QuickBooks will work together for the business.

For the payment procedures in any office or booking agency, QuickBooks is an ideal and reliable option.

Go Wireless, Go Easy!

This section consists of the three most popular wireless retail terminals of the Merchant Account Solutions. Wireless is advantageous for the business which covers a lot of space. For example, a super shop covers a huge area. The salesman can take the wireless credit card reader terminal to the customer and save them from extra hassle.

  1. WAY 5000

Both the credit card and debit card with signature are supported in this device. If you need an additional advantage for the device, the CVV verification is also available in the machine.

The best part of using WAY 5000 is the multi-dimensional activities. Some shops offer gift cards to the customers. The terminal is capable of accepting them too. A slow GPRS connection is enough for running the device. Again, you will get a Bluetooth thermal printer for providing money receipts to the buyers.

  1. NURIT 8020

Till now, the NURIT 8020 is the best terminal for any type of business. The white screen gives a warmth to the eyes. The stylish design and smart interface have won the heart of young entrepreneurs.

Almost all the brands of credit, debit and gift cards are supported in this machine. The screen captures signature and prints the receipts using a thermal printer.

The Merchant Account Solutions is being loved throughout the nation. The service, devices, software and staffs have been trying since 2007 to maintain the top quality service. Depending on your business, equip the required service and enjoy the vibe of profit in the air. Have a good business!