Microsoft AZ-400 Certification and things to know about using certbolt


Being able to collaborate with different people and maximize the necessary resources is the key to succeed in all of your goals. Apparently, working within a team is inevitable in every place you go ― may it be from school to your work and even your family. And like our daily responsibilities, you will also have to efficiently deal with different features of technology. Evidently, it’s hard to deny the impact of technological advancements nowadays. And with these trends, it results in the integration of people, processes, and tools so that the interconnectedness among these three key areas will help ensure the delivery of quality business value in an organization. Thus, as an emerging DevOps Engineer, you have to embody the needed skills as early as your training comes. In addition, you will have to get used to managing and overseeing code releases and the like. That’s why in this article, let us uncover all the germane features that you must know about DevOps solutions or AZ-400 assessment before eventually setting your sail.

Take Notes of Test Details Provided on Official Microsoft Website

This is the very first thing that you should always do before taking any IT assessment as this will help you understand what the certification path and the related exam(s) are all about. Also, it’s a good idea to read through its course outline and the needed prerequisites. In the case of AZ-400, this exam is the only requirement to complete your path as a DevOps Engineer and earn its equivalent accreditation, which is the Certbolt Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert. When it comes to the requisites for this certification, you should have attained either the Certbolt Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate or the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential. For more visit

Acquire Mastery for AZ-400 through Valuable Training Resources

Before purchasing and collecting your study resources, make sure to get to know the assessment skills outlined on the vendor’s website. As mentioned in the introduction, the Certbolt Microsoft exam coded AZ-400 reinforces your technical abilities in integrating people, processes, and technologies. This target, though, can be achieved by mastering how to develop an instrumentation strategy, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy, and security & compliance plan. Apart from that, you will have to get accustomed to managing a source control, facilitating communication as well as collaboration, defining & implementing continuous integration, and finally, ensuring continuous delivery and release management strategy.

Establish Study Plan and Stick to It Thoroughly

With all the responsibilities on your plate, it’s easy to push your AZ-400 exam preparation at a later time. But take note, this assessment takes not just hard work but also needs enough time from your side to learn comprehensively. No matter how talented you already are, it pays to review and strengthen your comprehension of the test domains beforehand. Another thing to remember is the level of the difficulty of AZ-400. As this accreditation is part of the Certbolt Microsoft expert-level program, the need to devote extra time to learning its key areas is essential for your ultimate success in such an assessment. 


As a true specialist, it’s a must for you to continually engage in certification exams that will help improve your knowledge and skills. Being updated with the tech trends surrounding Microsoft is very important to your career. And with the Certbolt Microsoft AZ-400 exam, you will definitely stay current with your expertise in both Azure administration and development. Likewise, such a test will solidify your prowess in different aspects of technology that have optimal business value.