MilesWeb VPS Hosting Review – Grab a VPS Server at prices like never before


Being a part of Blogging and Web Development fraternity, I can relate how tedious it can get to choose a perfect hosting provider. This is the main reason why I have come up with this article to make you aware about a VPS hosting provider who is not only interested in making money but also establishing a long term relationship with you and your company. I am saying this after about two years of my experience with MilesWeb.

My motive here is not to increase your confusion. Instead, I want you to go through the various services and features and to come to a conclusion of how VPS Hosting by MilesWeb would suit you.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb started their journey back in 2012 with commitment for fast, simple, reliable and affordable web hosting solutions to meet the ever growing demand for evolving online businesses. It is headquartered in Nashik (India) and in this short span of a little more than 4 years, MilesWeb has emerged as a strong competition for some of the biggest names in the field of Web Hosting.

Are you not Curious to know more about the features and services offered by MilesWeb?

Here we go !

Services rendered by MilesWeb :

If one is looking for a VPS service, one should know what VPS is.

In short, Virtual Private Servers are the kind of hosting that offers superior services than Shared Hosting but comes below dedicated servers. VPS are ideal for those having an intermediate level of business. Below mentioned are the services rendered if one opts of VPS Hosting by MilesWeb :

  • Dedicated Servers Equivalent :

For those businesses which have outgrown reseller or shared web hosting, Linux Virtual Private Server hosting provides perfect solutions. With MilesWeb you get the same environment as Dedicated Servers at a much affordable price.

  • Customizable VPS Environment :

MilesWeb provides you a break from the traditional web hosting environment. You have the flexibility to install and run applications of your choice and have your own PHI.ini files thereby allowing you to use your own modules providing way for a customizable VPS environment.

  • Host Multiple Websites :

Providing you true value for money, MilesWeb lets you host multiple websites on a single server letting you save time as well as money. Using cPanel or Plesk control panel, managing hosted websites and databases becomes easy.

  • Unmatched Server Performance :

Each Linux VPS Server is setup as hardware virtualized server environment backed up with dual hexa core processors on main host server to ensure that all Virtual Private Servers deliver great performance and maximum reliability.

  • Complete Control :

As each MilesWeb VPS comes with full root SSH access, you can gain complete control over Virtual Server environment. For remotely managing and controlling your Virtual Private Server you can write your own code and can also utilize the API.

  • Flexibility and Scalability :

In accordance to the needs of the user and requirement of the website, you can now scale memory allocation in real time. With MilesWeb Scalable RAM feature memory allocation can now be scaled without a reboot.

  • Easy Usability :

With MilesWeb, you are provided with an easy user friendly VPS control panel interface. Using this panel, you are able to monitor real time usage as well as keep a check on memory usage with the help of graphs. Apart from this you can keep a tag of memory usage and server load through this intuitive panel.

  • Faster Page Loads :

You get to experience faster page loads with high quality server hardware, powerful management tools and low latency networks which provides the users an enriching online experience. You would be happy to know that all this is backed up with 24×7 uninterrupted support.

  • Instant Support :

What usually happens with hosting partners is that you are promised instant setup and it usually takes long waiting hours. But with MilesWeb, my Virtual Private Server was deployed quickly the moment order is completed and payment is verified.

Offering all these services, MilesWeb VPS provides ideal solution for people looking for robust service and stability at a fair pricing. The various plans at offer are listed below :

Techie VPS



Executive VPS



Competent VPS



Sharp VPS



Express VPS



1 Core CPU2 Core CPU2 Core CPU3 Core CPU4 Core CPU
50 GB Disk Space100 GB Disk Space200 GB Disk Space300 GB Disk Space400 GB Disk Space
1 GB Fixed RAM2 GB Fixed RAM3 GB Fixed RAM4 GB Fixed RAM5 GB Fixed RAM
500 GB Bandwidth1 TB Bandwidth2 TB Bandwidth3 TB Bandwidth4 TB Bandwidth
1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP
100 MBPS Port100 MBPS Port100 MBPS Port100 MBPS Port100 MBPS Port
No ContractNo ContractNo ContractNo ContractNo Contract

All these features at the above listed pricing sounded to me like a great deal. Also the services, customer support are no match to the other hosting partners that I worked with in the past. Along with the mentioned services, there are many other features that come along with it once you sign up for the Virtual Private Server mentioned below :

  1. Flexible Billing Options :

Unlike other hosting providers you get the advantage to utilize the facilities without any minimum contract period or tie ins. Apart from this you are provided with a virtual server with flexible billing options like monthly, quarterly, semi yearly or a yearly subscription and there is no fear of hidden charges.

  1. Admin Access :

You are at the liberty of installing and running any web application of your own choice. There are no restrictions and as an admin you can gain complete access over the Virtual Private Server.

  1. Real Time Server Monitoring :

Once you have signed up for a MilesWeb VPS Server, they take the complete responsibility to keep your website live at all times so that you can have maximum visitors and grow your business. They regularly monitor and scan the nodes and other services running on the server so that the errors are minimized.

  1. Affordable Virtual Private Servers :

MilesWeb provides Virtual Servers at surprisingly low prices with maximum facilities. To top it up, the renewal fee is just the same as the initial price.

Conclusion :

According to me MilesWeb is a promising Virtual Private Server provider and you can rely on it at all times. In my 2 years of experience with MilesWeb, I could not figure out any major flaws in the service rendered by them. The support is excellent and you have assistance at your service almost anytime you want it.

You are at the liberty to always upgrade the server, to any higher package as and when you start getting more traffic on your website. So if your hosting provider just promised you all this but never delivered, then it’s time for a change and I definitely recommend their servers and hosting services.

Give them a shot and they would definitely deliver.