Minimal Cost Ways to Maximize a Startup’s Growth


As the proud owner of a new startup, you may be rich in ideas, motivation and determination, but perhaps a tad poor in the monetary department. No worries, enterprising startup owner. Fortunately, there are a number of effective ways to maximize your business’s growth at a minimum cost. Check out these four tech-centric ideas:

Harness the Power of Social Media and Blogging

One of the best ways for a new business owner to succeed is to create a loyal base of customers. Two outstanding and extremely cost effective ways to go about this involve using your laptop computer and writing skills. Create social media pages for your new company on all of the popular websites including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and focus on creating clever and engaging content about your company that will get the attention of new clients. Additionally, start a blog on your business website to educate customers about your company and explain how you can solve their problems through your innovative products and services. Post links to the blogs on social media to boost exposure.

Invest in AI Technology

As you are purchasing new equipment for your company including computers, smartphones and other devices, consider investing in tools that feature artificial intelligence, or AI. For example, the Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence platform is designed to make devices smarter by adapting to their users and their environments. In turn, this will help make the devices more productive. In addition to allowing for faster internal workflow, AI innovations like the ones from Qualcomm may also help enhance customer experiences with your new company; for instance, by recognizing their patterns and anticipating their needs in advance.

Use a Free Invoice Service

In order to start the flow of constant revenue, you are going to need an effective invoicing system. Unfortunately, billing customers can often be an involved process that takes your time away from other pressing matters. Consider signing up for a free online invoice system that will allow you to focus on growing your start up. For example, Invoicely is a simple and secure no-cost program that will allow your startup to accept credit cards and other payments online from day one, as well as let your customers easily pay their bills directly from the invoice that you send them. Invoicely also features customizable business reports so you can get a clear picture of how your startup is faring.

Use Technology to Become as Productive as Possible

In order for your startup to succeed, you will have to use your time as wisely as possible. You can boost your productivity with a number of time-tested tech tools. For instance, you can create a digital filing system to make it easier to stay on top of your many business documents, and you can use time tracking software to keep tabs on how you and your team are using your time. TSheets is a free tool that will let your employees easily clock in and out, allow you to create work schedules, alert you to overtime and much more.

It is reassuring to know that getting a startup company off the ground does not always involve tons of money. By using these four tips and tools, you should be able to reach more customers and grow your new company, all for a minimum cost.