Mobile apps designing concepts


Mobile apps designing concepts:

If you are designing mobile app, then you have to determine exactly which features you want to deliver to the users. Make sure they are important for your target users. Before you start designing the apps for the users you have to address the needs of the app users and support their needs in an easy way.

Read below to know how to do it:

1. Think the advantages of the mobile- the mobile world is different from the desktop world and hence designing the apps for the mobile needs a different mindset. You need to keep in mind the amount of info and action you are going to fit in. you only need to provide adequate info to create a successful mobile app. You must also consider the advantages of mobile app planning, some of them are mobile phones enable you to interact with the solution at any place and at any time, mobile phone have mobile sensors and cameras and GPS etc and these should be made use of to provide value to your apps. Your apps have to support different mobile platforms. Consider the usage of the people in different locations, screen types, OS etc.

Mobile apps designing concepts

2. You have to keep your app users engaged- when you are designing an app you should have fun through the process, research shows that such app designers will be more productive and give more in terms of the apps UI. Designers have to be considerate about the visual appeal of the app. The app should have an appealing design, motion and animation. Attract visually through the color palette, art and icons. You have to add concepts and elements from games to provide a fun experience for the user.

3. Orientation- when more an more number of people are consuming the mobile devices, they more they expect the device to interact with them when the orientation is switched.

As an app designer you have to  follow things like:

  • Staying focused on the main content and tasks for all orientations.
  • Providing added value to the users for the orientation is changed.
  • The UI element must not be displayed that tells the users for device rotation. Try to design the app with the least clutter to the UI.

4. Include the motion factor- the motioning in the app is not only for creating a wow factor to it, but also for educating the user to interact with the solution. Some of the benefits fo including the motion feature in the app include

  • It makes the users of the app, happy as it will create an interest in them
  • Motion feature will compensate when you wish for improving the issues with the performance such as the loading elements on the screen that require time, this can be covered up with making the user focus on the animation and not just make them wait for things to appear.
  • Motion feature will provide the user with the high end feel and sleekness to the solution if the app designer does it right.