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Mobile employees who convert leads into sales are the most important people in your business. They are the face of your operation that is visible to the public and you need to provide them with all the tools they need.

If you have employees who visit clients and customers you can set up systems that will enhance your sales by buying the right software and training.

Your customer relations efforts revolve around your sales staff, so you need to make sure you give them everything they need to make a good impression with customers. Your salespeople need to be able to generate quotes and invoices when they are with customers rather than when they return to the office and the sales momentum has been lost.

CRM takes a small investment, but the customer you already have is worth one hundred people who have not bought your products. You need to nurture each lead by engaging them at every stage of the sale. The sales process itself, from initial contact, through quote and invoicing can never be allowed to lose momentum by the delays that happen by “back at the office” steps in the process. Mobile devices give sales staff the power they need to drive for the order.


The BYOD trend is one that you should buck. If employees bring their own devices then you lose control of your company image because customers judge you by the devices your employees use. There needs to be consistency. If all employees have the same tablets or phones then you can use also custom cases that align with and enhance your brand.

Which Devices?

Any device your employees use will create an impression. Impressions are important because people make buying decisions based on emotions rather than logic. Tablets are worthwhile when your employee needs to demonstrate your product to a client and they still make a bigger impression than smart phones do with most people even though a phone can do everything a tablet can.

You need to think long and hard before adopting a BYOD policy which would inevitably result in a mish-mash of iOS, Android and Windows devices according to individuals’ preferences. Brands make a big impression. Many people perceive Apple tablets and phones as being better than those of competitors. This is a one reason that so many companies standardize on Apple devices rather than Android ones.

Uses of Mobile Devices

Phones have the advantage that they can be used for communicating more easily than a tablet. A phablet can give you the best of both worlds.

Phones and tablets can be used for time-tracking where your billing is time-based as well as to generate quotes and invoices while an employee is with the client.

Apps and software will allow you to use your devices for almost anything. Staff members no longer need a laptop because a phone can do everything that is required.


Due is a subscription-based service that any business can afford with plans starting at free and even the premium options costing between $10 and $100 per month. Mobile employees can make out invoices and quotes on-site rather than the next day back at the office. Time-tracking is also enabled in all premium versions so you can invoice for time spent more accurately and have fewer disgruntled customers. Due integrates with Quickbooks accounting software and, unusually, gives real-world customers the option to pay by PayPal.


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Quotewerks is a one-time purchase rather than subscription-based software. It is designed to generate quotes quickly and accurately using information you have previously input. Pricing starts at $199 for a single user with discounts for multiple users. There is a live-data add-on that costs $199 per user which allows the software to pull current prices from your database. Mobile use is another add-on, charged at $29 per month per user.


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Quosal is a subscription-based service that will allow sales staff to make quotes instantly using live data from your system. It is simple to use with an intuitive design and integrates with CRM and product databases. A cloud-based integration with Autotask is necessary to allow mobile quoting.


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Quotebooks is a powerful subscription service with multiple levels that allow you to control permissions and access for different users. Pricing is on a per user basis with managerial access costing extra as in the pricing guide above.

Integration with your product and CRM databases is standard and means that Quotebooks is a very useful company-wide tool.


Mobile quoting and invoicing can make a big difference to customers’ perceptions of your business and you can get them for less than you think.

It is easy to be blinded by all the bells and whistles that different companies’ software contains. Bells and whistles cost extra money though, so you need to work out your requirements very carefully before placing an order.

Your Input

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