Modern Web Design Styles Of 2019


The online world is very competitive, and new websites come and go every day. Website owners should always have something to offer if they want to stand out from the competition. More than the text content, modern web design styles should be incorporated to avoid being tagged as having an outdated site.

In this post, you’ll learn the latest trends when it comes to web design styles this year. In that way, you can implement the applicable styles on your site so you can achieve your business goals.

 Monochromatic Web Design

While it’s cool to have a colorful website, you can instead use limited colors, one color, or no color at all in a modern web design to avoid making your website look too busy. If done well, this type of web design constraint can even enhance your website, making it more memorable, as it makes the overall look of your website more straightforward and less stressed.

Throwback, Nostalgic, or Retro Web Design

What was once old is coming back to the modern world. Because modern web design is moving beyond flat designs, experimentation has no limits. What makes this web design style new is that you can create a retro style that reflects the time before websites became accessible to the masses. Undoubtedly, the new generation will find something new and interesting.

You can feature the color scheme and typography of the 1970s, which is a common design before ARPANET that was introduced in 1983. Also, incorporating a retro color scheme to reminisce the imagery and bright colors of the 1980s is a good idea.

 Asymmetrical and Broken Grid Layouts

Keep layout elements on the screen or page with a grid web design style consisting of vertical and horizontal lines. One advantage of the grid web design layout is that it’s easy to point out. For the most part, you can see the business or company logo, topic title, and content. It means that web viewers can easily look at the website. The items are pushed to make the grid look broken or feel less rigid.

Here are the benefits of using a broken grid layout:

  • This web design style favors the unexpected.
  • It pushes boundaries, enabling you to experiment with asymmetry.
  • It’s used to help a website stand out from the rest, draw attention, or experiment with design.
  • A broken grid web design style makes a great statement, which is why it’s becoming more popular on the web.
  • Facilitate a broken grid with circles moving around the screen.

 Organic and Fluid Design Elements

Straight lines come with a flat design. Why not experiment with fluid lines and shades? Organic or fluid shapes aren’t the typical circle, rectangle, square, or straight-sided shape. These organic or fluid elements are usually drawn from life and nature. Examples of these elements include shapes of lakes, ponds, or torn pieces of paper.

By incorporating organic lines and shapes, your web design will feel more comfortable to look at and approachable. You can design a homepage with organic lines and shapes that are seen as the background of circle images. They also make a great subtle background behind a heading.

 Enhanced or Elevated Image Treatments

Instead of focusing on exploring modern design possibilities, you can work with images to present unique and appealing design opportunities. Changing up images present a trending web design that will pick up more traction this year.

Aside from enhanced images, you can also enhance user experience through infographics. Building your content with infographics draws people’s attention more compared to content that uses boring book-type text.

Here are some examples of how to enhance website images:

  • You can put images in circles to make them black and white.
  • Cut out images and add shapes and drawing to enhance the image further, placing more emphasis on the site design.
  • Stack design treatments, such as making a monochromatic image, are now popular.
  • Cut out the subject or add a pattern on the top, making a brand new image.
  • You can add a drop shadow behind images to draw people’s attention to your website.

 Overlapping Web Design

Overlapping elements can draw visual interest to certain content types, bringing unexpected web page elements that people have not been accustomed to seeing. Implement subtle animation to make your website have a three-dimensional feel.


Modern web design styles this year include fluid or organic shapes, overlapping elements, retro style, monochromatic, and asymmetrical and broken grid layouts. Experimenting with various elements like enhancing images makes your website more appealing, capturing the attention of your target audience. If in doubt, talk to an expert web designer to help you choose the best web design style for your brand.