Modern Work Stations: Creating the Perfect Office Cubicle Set-up


There are many factors why employees remain loyal to a company. Whether it is a big salary, career growth, or working relationship with co-workers, employees have specific reasons for sticking around. A neat and comfortable working station is also one of them, making them more focused and work enthusiastically, providing a lot of benefits to both the company and the employees.

Giving proper work stations to your employees makes them feel valuable and worthy. Allow them to have a little privacy for added comfort by having office cubicles. It will also give your company a flattering and appealing image.

 Benefits of a Cubicle Set-up

Privacy at the office

Having privacy means fewer interruptions throughout that day to help workers focus more on being productive. Cubicles are walls that provide a better sense of intimacy to employees without isolating them from other co-workers. This way, when they are working on critical or sensitive projects or making calls, the walls can help reduce noise and distraction.

 Sense of ownership

The improved privacy allows the employee to personalize their work areas by hanging posters or placing family photos to create a sense of ownership. This will make them feel more comfortable and at home, even in the workplace.

 Better than offices

Individual offices are not a practical choice anymore because it is more costly. Moreover, it compromises more space as opposed to cubicle set-ups that are both space-saving and less-expensive to construct.

 Factors to Consider

When creating your cubicle layout, there are many aspects to consider for it to work in its optimal state. Here are some of those factors:

Work Environment: This involves the unique culture and personality of every workplace. Some organizations apply positive or bold environments, and some are old-fashioned, implementing rules such as dress codes or strict guidelines. Some office settings, however, have an overall laid-back feel to them. Modern offices believe that a more relaxed work environment with bright colored furniture and décor can make employees feel more inspired and motivated.

Department or Team Necessity: Every team or department manages various tasks or workloads. Those different tasks require different office layouts, technologies, and equipment for them to work efficiently, accurately, and conveniently. Settling for the same-sized cubicle for every department will surely create a chaotic and monotonous working environment.

Choosing Panel Height and Material: In constructing office cubicles, you must evaluate the noise levels and audibility of the working area. The stations that are more exposed to noise like the ones near the break area require high-paneled cubicles that are constructed from thick textile materials.

Teamwork Capable: Also, consider that creating a workstation with work-related cluster capabilities can make certain tasks easier and convenient. Employees should have clear access to the most relevant co-workers across their everyday work.

Workstation Models: Some employees tend to work while standing when they think that they have been seated for a long time already. Regardless of the preferences your employees and colleagues have, the office layout should be able to accommodate some of their quirks and habits. You can try asking for the whole workforce’s opinion on this.

Storage: The cubicles should hold sufficient space for add-on storage. Employees should have the proper room for easy access to personal files for document safety improvement.

A happy office is a productive office. Adequate legroom, bright colors, and ample lighting can bring out the best in hard-working individuals. At the same time, a neat and organized work environment can reduce the stress-levels of the deadline-driven folks. Take care of your employees to gain nothing but positive results.