Money Clips: the safest and most practical way to carry cash


Many people are opting for money clips nowadays as a fashionable accessory. But did you know that a money clip is one of the most practical and safest ways to carry cash? Gone are the days of needing to keep dozens of cards, receipts, family photos, etc. with you. Enter the digital age, where contacts, photos and all types of other information are stored on smart phones and tablets. It’s hardly surprising that money clips are gaining in popularity again.

Practical benefits of money clips

First and foremost, there’s nothing worse than carrying a big wallet in your pocket. Doesn’t it look awful when you see somebody and there’s a huge wallet bulge in their pocket? It seems so unnecessary. It’s highly probable that that person hasn’t considered the contents of their wallet for a long time. It’s easily done though. When you have a large wallet with a big capacity you don’t feel the need to have a clear out. You continue to stuff more and more items in without thinking whether you need them.

A money clip makes you more disciplined. Most money clips are considerably smaller and lighter than wallets, therefore have less capacity. Having less room for cards, cash and other items forces you to think about what you are carrying round with you. There’s nothing better than traveling light – and that’s exactly what you do when you own a money clip. But traveling light doesn’t mean that you can’t carry what you need with you. A number of money clips have mechanisms that allow you to carry a small or large amount of cash. The M-Clip and Money Clamp ranges are excellent examples of this. Both of these brands base their designs on locking mechanisms that hold their contents securely in place. They function just as well with a single bill and a credit card in them as they do with 10-20 bills and a few credit cards.

Being smaller and more discreet has other advantages too – it makes a money clip less of a potential target for thieves. Some money clips are so slim that they can’t even be seen in the pocket. Compare this to a large wallet that makes a huge bulge.

Next we can consider the organizational benefits of a money clip. As mentioned previously, the first thing a money clip makes you do is consider what you are carrying round with you. This is turn makes you reduce the number of unnecessary items (cards, photos, receipts, etc.) you have in your money clip. The knock on effect of this is that it is easier to sort through when you need access to something because you’re not sifting through loads of items that you haven’t used for years! Some money clips even have different sections, one for cards and the others for bills. Check out the Smart Money Clip (in the video below) and the Money Clamp (mentioned earlier and in the previous video).

Money clips are useful but which should I get?

There are many types available and they differ in style, capacity, material, etc. The decision is down to personal taste and requirements. Establishing the best money clip for you is going to be based on these main factors: your budget, taste/style/design and the capacity you need. Once you have worked this out you will have a better idea of what is going to be most suitable. Check out some ideas in the video below.

Switching from a conventional wallet to a money clip may take a bit of persuasion at first but it’s certainly a prudent move. You’d be hard pressed to find anybody who has changed to a money clip and wants to go back to using a wallet!