More than just security


Card access systems are perfect for keeping out unwanted visitors and protecting your property or offices from intruders; they allow complete control over who enters and exits the building via a simple card access mechanism. Many companies choose a card access system for its reliable security levels and the ease with which new members of staff or visitors can be granted or denied access.

However, card access systems can be a much more powerful tool than just this. In many businesses today, there are areas within the company building or estate that should not be accessible to all members of staff, not just for security reasons but for the safety of employees.



Many technology companies will have a server room which requires a much higher security level than other areas within the building. An intruder in the server room would be a high risk situation for the business in terms of both continuing service and data security. A card access system can be your first line of defence against unauthorised access to business-critical areas such as a server room. In this age of increasingly stringent standards around data security, card access can restrict access to particular areas, is easy to implement and has low maintenance and running costs.

As mentioned above, it is not just the question of security to which a card access system can provide the perfect solution. Many companies have potentially dangerous zones on their premises and it would not be wise to allow each employee access to these areas if not completely necessary. It is the responsibility of the business as an employer to guarantee the safety of its workforce and ensure that only members of staff with the training and authority to enter such hazardous areas are permitted to do so.

A card access system can be used to restrict access to these areas. With the best of intentions, members of staff often enter areas in which they shouldn’t be, usually because it seems like the easier thing to do. However, this can be a great risk for both the employee and the company. Card access, alongside a well-defined safety, security and access policy, will prevent any such risk escalating into an incident.

Access control via a card access system both protects the members of your workforce from entering dangerous areas and prevents intruders from trespassing on your property and causing any damage. At Ansador, we offer a wide range of card access solutions from a simple single door access system to a more complex card access system which enables individual cards to be granted access based on, for example, time zone. Ansador’s card access systems can provide the high level of security your business needs, completely tailored to your requirements.