There is a saying that “a chain is as strong as its weakest link.” This means that the least successful member defines a group’s success. This applies to any business, large or small, regardless of the number of employees. If you are running a business, the management approach is simple when your workforce is small. However, management complications arise as the number of employees grow, and measures need to be put in place to mitigate such difficulties. One of the main challenges of a large organization is how to keep the employees motivated.

A happy employee is a motivated employee. Happiness varies from one individual to the next, and it is management’s responsibility to find a common factor. The ideal situation is that every employee is happy. Realistically, it would be challenging to achieve this, albeit not impossible.

Here are some tips you can do to motivate your employees to work hard and help them win awards.


An employee who has dedicated his time to put in exceptional work deserves to be recognized. Nothing compares to how proud an employee becomes if the company publicly validates his work. Hand out tokens, such as engraved plaques, to commemorate such feats. Awards like these can serve as a solid reminder to employees that you appreciate the effort they give.

You may also give recognition in smaller forms:

  • A certificate of appreciation for the employee of the month
  • An email broadcast for sustained individual or team improvement
  • Sincere verbal praise, which can go a long way for individual and team morale

Money as the Least Option

Monetary rewards are always welcomed with open arms by employees. However, as employees establish tenure and mature in the company, financial rewards will lose its appeal. Employees will yearn for more fulfilling rewards. Some of these can be:

  • Personalized items like mugs, planners, accessories, or company shirts
  • A sponsored team outing
  • Holiday trip for the top employee and his/her family
  • Groceries
  • Gas cards
  • Additional paid leave credits

The list is limitless. You can run a survey among employees to get their ideas on what rewards they would want. This helps you learn about what your people have in mind, and it also strengthens the management’s image as a team that values your people’s ideas. Employees can proudly say that you listen to and care for them, and this motivates people to do their best as a sign of appreciation for what you do for them.

Promote Leadership

Members of a management team that lead by example is another great way of motivating employees. Here are the roles of great leaders:

  • Leaders show their teams how to complete tasks efficiently.
  • Leaders nurture learning and encourage open communication. They explain things at a level that employees will easily understand.
  • Leaders do not hesitate to take over tasks that a team member is struggling with and ensures to guide their team on what to do to finish tasks.
  • Leaders also empower their groups by giving each team member the opportunity to lead.
  • Leaders provide reasonable duties to their teams, and they maintain a decent amount of engagement with everybody.

Identify which of your employees have the potential of becoming a leader and cultivate this potential.

Career Growth Opportunities

Another way to motivate and drive employees to succeed is to offer them a career path that is peppered with opportunities. A job that has turned into a routine will bore any employee. Stimulate the desire to learn by:

  • Running training sessions that will add new skills to your employees or further enhance their existing ones.
  • Providing visibility on desired qualities for all vacant positions in the organization. This will help your employees realize their strengths and weaknesses in comparison with the requirements of the job they want to go for.
  • Seeking partnerships from third-party providers that specialize in employee development.
  • Giving equal chances to all employees.
  • Keeping your business up to date with the latest technology.
  • Identifying possible dead-end jobs and creating a better career path for such positions.

Wellness Programs

A variety of reasons can trigger stress in the workplace. It is best to keep stress levels low in an organization. Help your employees manage stress by providing programs that focus on:

  • Physical wellness
  • Spiritual wellness
  • Financial wellness

The overall goal of wellness programs is to provide an avenue for employees to de-stress. Monitor the participation of your employees to maximize the benefits of these wellness programs.

Demotivation can spread like wildfire among your employees if left unchecked. An individual can only go as far as their self-motivation. Help them proceed further using the suggestions above and watch your organization grow even more.