Must Have Smart Phone Accessories for On-the-Go Professionals


These days, having a smart phone is not just a luxury – it is a necessity. You just can’t be a serious professional without one. Well, you can, but it will make your work a lot harder. And if clients see you with a generic flip phone, they are going to assume that you aren’t as successful as you should be to take care of their business competently. Having a smart phone is as much about conveying success as it is about making it easier to do your work.

In addition to getting the right smart phone for your work, you also need to get the right accessories. Here’s a list of must-have items for the on-the-go professional:

Durable Protector

Your smart phone is a powerful piece of machinery, but it is also delicate. All you have to do is drop it on the ground for the screen to shatter to pieces or one of the components to break. It just has to slip out of your pocket in the bathroom and land in the toilet to be irretrievably broken. All you need to avoid such calamities is a durable protective case.

Good iPhone cases or other smart phone cases don’t have to be bulky to be effective. You can find a fashionable case that will protect your phone from breakage and even water damage, in some cases. Make sure you get a case that has a built-in screen protector, or buy a screen protector separately. The glass is one of the most fragile things on your phone.

Earbuds with a Microphone

When you’re on the go, you’ll end up doing a lot of business on the phone, and you can’t always sit down and hold the phone to your ear. You’ll make things a lot easier on yourself if you get a good set of earbuds with a microphone built in. You can plug the earbuds in to listen in on the conversation and easily talk without having to use speakerphone and make your conversation open to the world.

You can talk while you shop, while you’re driving, while you’re going through a presentation on the computer with the other person, and so on. A good set of earbuds frees up your hands while still protecting the privacy of your call.

Mini Tripod Stand

These days, people really like to see the people they are talking to, and they expect it more since they know that technology is readily available to make it possible. Instead of making a conference call on the phone, you are more likely to have one on a video chat. Likewise, you can easily have meetings with clients who live out of the area by getting on a video call.

Make it easy on yourself to have video calls by getting a mini tripod stand for your smart phone. Just clip your phone onto the stand and start recording. The phone will get a clear, steady recording, and you can conduct your business hands-free.

Car Holder

You will likely use your smart phone to get directions, to receive text messages, to stream podcasts, and more while you are driving. You can make it easier – and safer – to do these things by investing in a clip-on holder for your smart phone.

These holders mount to the dash of your car, and they let you clip the phone right into place. The phone will be right where you need to see it so you can follow directions without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. You can also easily glance over to see new text messages, to start a new podcast, and so on.

Payment Processor

You need to be able to process credit cards to keep your clients happy. Your clients may not always be able to pay with cash or a check, and not being able to take card payments will end up costing you business. You can put a simple credit card processor on your phone to connect to your Paypal or other account. The processor plugs right into your headphone jack, and you swipe the card just like you would on a store’s machine.

Investing in these simple accessories for your smart phone can protect your phone and improve your business. If you don’t already have these must-have accessories, it’s time to go shopping!