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We are the generation of technology. We do things today that our parents would have said were impossible. As technology grows, there are more and more tech accessories that we simply must have. Some, just because they are fun and others because they are so advanced they can keep us healthy. We will review a few of these devices for you so you will not be left behind.

Wireless Earbuds?

Who would have thought you would be able to listen to your favorite music, phone calls, and videos with wireless earbuds? These great little accessories are made by the sound experts at Beats. The Beats Powerbeats 3 connect via Bluetooth so there is no need for wires. You get crystal clear sound and 12 hours of battery use. They are even water resistant. Every techie will want these!

Google Daydream

Virtual Reality goggles are not a new invention, but until now they were seriously limited. Google has made the Google Daydream VR system that is the best on the market so far. They are much more comfortable than the previous models, as they are made entirely of soft material. Apps like street view can allow you to travel anywhere without leaving your home. You can also get YouTube and several built-in games. This is a winner for sure.

TP-Link Wifi Range Extender

We have grown so accustomed to being able to access the internet from everywhere we go, that when we hit a dead spot, it is devastating. This is especially true of the black hole happens to be in your own home. The TP-Line Wi-Fi Range Extender solves that problem with superior and powerful wi-fi speeds and connectivity.  It works with any wireless access point and with any router. This is one of the best wifi range extenders, and will enable you to access the internet from anywhere in your home.

Native Union Smart Charger

This is the newest and smartest way to charge your iPhone. With dual USB-A ports, you can charge two devices at once. The state-of-the-art technology ensures that your devices are always charging to their maximum and fastest capabilities. Finally, there is a solution to the unexpected dead batteries.

Improving Coffee and Tea

How can you improve on your morning cup of coffee or tea?  How about brewing it fresh before you even get out of bed? Smarter Coffee/Smarter iKettle is a wifi kettle that you access from an app on your phone. Pull up the app and have your kettle brew your favorite drink before your feet touch your slippers.

Saving Energy

The TP-Link Smart Plug allows you to operate ordinary products as if they were “smart” products, remotely. Monitor your electricity usage. You can turn the power to the TP-Link Smart Plug off from your phone when you are away from home. You invest once and save money on energy costs for years.

There are many other techie gadgets on the market. Research them for yourself. There is a smart FitBit that has technology so advanced that it replaces the last two models. There are smart monitors to protect your family, home, and electronics while you sleep. Whatever your need, there is a high-tech product that will make your life easier.