All You Need to Know about Shared Office Space and Co-Working


All You Need to Know about Shared Office Space and Co-Working

More and more people realise that telecommuting or freelancing has enormous benefits, and the tendency is that the trend is more likely to continue. At first there was the upcoming of working from home – for many, a great alternative to having to commute to an office – but working from a home office proved to have many disadvantages as well.

The solution: co-working. Not only does it give you all the benefits of working from your own private office, it also allows you to take advantage of many other opportunities that are on offer. But what exactly is co-working? Here’s all you need to know about shared office space and co-working.

What is co-working?

Co-working is an arrangement between individuals (entrepreneurs or freelancers) and sometimes businesses in which they share office space, amenities, and certain services, often on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the contract.

The advantages

The benefits of going free-lance or telecommuting are well understood, so it begs the question: why would you want to still share an office? Here are some of the major advantages of co-working.

  • Leave work in the office – When you work from home, it’s often hard to leave your thoughts of work at your desk and not have it interfere with family life. Not so with co-working; you leave the office, and you really leave your work there.
  • More social interaction – no man is an island (nor is a woman), and social interaction – even during short breaks – is necessary at times. It makes you more productive and lightens the mood.
  • Better time management – the dog, the kids, the neighbours, the TV; they are all distractions at home. Co-working allows you more time to focus and provides better time management.
  • Low maintenance – As co-worker, you need to do only minimum maintenance; the manager or owner of the office space takes care of the general maintenance.
  • Networking – Co-working allows you to build a network to further your business.

Here’s another great advantage: it hardly costs a fraction of the expense you would have if you were to rent your own office. Office rental space, especially if you want to get a great location in a large city, can cost a lot; rents are very high and getting all the furniture and tools in place for you to do your job properly can result in a heavy investment. Hence, alternative working spaces such as shared office space and co-working allows you to share those costs, and the landlord or office manager will give you a much more flexible contract as well. You can always learn more about alternative work space rental from property specialists like Commercial People.