How Your Nonprofit Can Benefit from Call Center Services


How Your Nonprofit Can Benefit from Call Center Services

If you’re managing a nonprofit organization, chances are you’re running the group on a very tight budget. Since nonprofit organizations rely on fundraising projects or donations from volunteers, it won’t be surprising if you’re having second thoughts about paying for nonprofit call center services. However, call center services could be one of the best things you can spend your organization’s budget on because of the following benefits:

  1. More Communication Channels

Call center services are more than just having outbound phone calls to reach more people. Modern call center service providers also offer communication through other channels such as cellphone, e-mail, interactive voice response, and live chat, greatly increasing your range of possible contacts.

  1. More Effective Recruiters

You have a non-profit organization with plenty of volunteers, but they may not have the experience and conversational skills to connect with potential members. Having a team of dedicated professionals that know how to pick the right target audience for your group, build rapport and maintain a professional tone can attract more donors to your group.

  1. Retain Donors Efficiently

Getting donors is one thing, but keeping them in the long run can be more challenging. Donors can easily lose interest if they don’t have proper motivation. With call center services, you’ll have an entire team with specialized tools and the manpower dedicated to retaining donors and helping members grow. This could mean a more stable way of obtaining funds and developing long-term member loyalty.

  1. More Versatility

With multiple communication channels and services capable of scaling up or down according to your organization’s size and budget, you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on equipment that may not be enough to reach out to as many people as possible or too much for an organization that’s just starting out. You’ll always have the right amount of people and hardware for the task so you can get good results without overspending.

  1. Better Cost Efficiency

With your call center department, you’re looking at a lot of resources spent on acquiring expensive hardware and training volunteers from the ground up. Not only does managing an in-house call center take away a lot of your organization’s funds, but also eat up precious time you could spend on other crucial tasks. With a third-party contact center, you don’t have to worry about spending extra on software licenses, upgrades, or personnel training – you just pay for the services and they handle the rest.

  1. More Uptime

Another great thing about third party call center services is that the service providers have been acquiring equipment and training people long before you decided to get their services. That’s right – not only do they have the training part covered, they also have it 99% done, the remaining part of the training is adjusting their protocols and setting the hardware to fit the nature (and scale) of your organization. This means you get to see results way sooner than if you just spend on your own call center.

Lots of people who own or run nonprofit organizations avoid call center services because they think it’s a waste of money. However, a quick look at the benefits and one can easily tell that getting call center services is actually a worthy investment for your nonprofit organization. To get started, get in touch with a call center consultancy firm today.