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Hacking is the process of bypassing a device safeguards to gain access to the data stored in them. Cracking means the same thing but has a criminal back story, in this case, to destroy.

Password generator.

Most important data get leaked, and security breached due to weak or stolen passwords. A safe and secure password must be hard to crack and could be as random as possible. To minimize the risks of data getting stolen, NordPass password generator gives you a solution to switch to reliable passwords and keep them safe. With this tool, you are able to obtain a more robust password that is safer and shielded.

Creating a strong, memorable password has proven to be a challenge to most of us who need quick access but a secured device and accounts. Mixing words, letters and symbols or combining upper and lower cases is a necessary requirement for a stronger password. Set all the essential requirement for your online accounts, and NordPass robust and unique password generator will effortlessly create a solid password for the accounts. Their security tool has plenty of options and creates unique and random passwords based on security recommendations and customized settings.

No saving password to the database.

Unlike most unreliable security providers that generate your password and save them in the database, making it unsafe for you to generate password online. NordPass password generator is built on JavaScript and uses a high-security SSL connection, allowing you to generate passwords even when you are offline and does not save any of the passwords on their servers.  

NordPass password manager not only helps you generate passwords that are extremely hard to crack but also ensures that you don’t forget your passwords ever again. By avoiding lousy password practice, you stand a chance against getting hacked.

NordPass account login.

Nordpass has a simpler login process. Nord account credential will be recognized across different Nord products once you have logged in. The account follows the OpenID Connect standard for user authentication. Therefore, Nord apps will be able to access and share your information across all platforms without having to log in repeatedly, but you still need the Master Password to access your login credentials.

It is also helpful if the password to your email is stored in NordPass. NordPass will only autofill usernames and passwords, and other passes will need to be typed out manually, unlike other password managers that offer browser extensions that can autofill other personal credentials such as addresses and credit card details.

However, NordPass’s browser extension you have to type out your credit card details manually, even though you can still copy and paste card details whenever you need to make a payment.

Where to access Nordpass.

Nordpass is available in all device including personal computers, android phones and iPhone. It is easy to use and practically bug-free. Nord account has a free and premium monthly subscription at a very affordable cost for cybersecurity product and comes with a free browser extension.