“Time is the most valuable coin in your life. You and you alone will determine how that coin will be spent. Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you.”

― Carl Sandburg

According to the research of Stephen R. Anderson from the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), there are over 6000 languages in the world. Desire to communicate with people around the world is something everyone wants to do. Nevertheless, with all our busy schedules and everything what happens around the world, who has the time even try learning a new language? So, what if I tell you that you can now learn a new language in your free time?

Let me introduce you the little-known methods of how to find some spare time for language learning, even for those who have a full-time work:

  1. Use the benefits of civilization, learn online – save your money and time!

Preply.com – an online tutoring platform, which you can use to learn any new language according to your own schedule. Whether you want to learn French, Spanish or even Japanese, this is no problem because everything is available here. Lessons atPreply are very affordable and convenient, the conditions of training depend on you. Native speakers are also available on the website https://preply.com/en/skype/english-tutors. This means that your learning experience will be fun and more purposeful.

  1. Use the 80-20 rule is also known as the Pareto principle to focus on the most important tasks.

The modern world is a very dynamic.If you want to achieve success, it is necessary to keep pace with its rhythm. The most common problem is not the lack of time, but the wrong time management. According to the rule 80-20, 80% of the results depend on 20% of all causes for a particular event. This rule you can use to determine which tasks are the most important and require your attention in the first place.

Take some time and make the 80/20 analysis of your life:

  1. Write on the paper sheet all of your recurring assignments that you regularly do (work, study, hobbies, meetings with friends, etc.).
  2. Look at the list and note those tasks which show the most effective results. These are the processes that should become a priority for you.
  3. Now, underline the tasks that produce the smallest result, while requiring great efforts to implement them. This is something that takes much time, but does not bring results. Stop doing unnecessary things and you will free up time for really important tasks.

Use the 80/20 rule to learn foreign languages that will help you get excellent results and quickly master the knowledge.

  1. Make an effective action plan with priority time for language learning.

Another way to make free time for learning a language is to set it more priority. Set a goal to learn a language throughout the year and confidently go to its achievement. Add this important task to your schedule, install apps that remind you to have a study time each and every day.

If you are looking for a convenient time to start training, you will not even begin. We tend to postpone important tasks without setting the right priorities in our lives.

  1. Use the short breaks to learn the language.

Listening is a very important part of training the language. So you learn by ear to perceive spoken language, learn new words, remember grammar rules automatically. Listen to music, news, talk shows, serials when you have a free time or a break and you will be amazed at a rapid progress of your learning.

I think you will agree that the main goal for most people who learn a language is the ability to speak effortlessly. The best way to achieve this goal is to practice speaking every day with your friends, parents or your tutor. Even 10-30 minutes of talking with a native speaker or a teacher is enough to help you memorize the material you learned on lesson, see the weaknesses in your speech and get a positive charge for the continuous learning of the language.

  1. Don’t be alone. Learn with a friend.

Learn a new language with at least one friend. You will not only be more excited to do it, but a little competition will help your progress as well. Moreover, you can practice the spoken language with your colleague at any time, this will shorten the time for mastering a new language. My advice is to share your achievements on social media, let other friends support you.

We are all immersed in everyday worries from morning till night, but it is necessary to allocate time for very important for your future tasks. Finally, learning a new foreign language can change not only your career but even your life. It’s time to make changes!