Online Business Shipping Strategies That Make Customers Happy


Online shipping options for happy customers are not limited to the goods you offer. Neither does it relate to the services and convenience you provide. You also have to consider the possibility of delays and lost packages. Undelivered goods can lead to unhappy customers or, worse, negative online reviews. Therefore, below are some strategies you can use to make customers happy.

Create Many Shipping Options

Many online retailers are offering a new level of flexibility for their customers. There are options such as overnight delivery, same-day shipping, etc. You can also introduce thermal blankets for shipping fresh food. This has often been a courtesy to customers waiting for a gift on their special occasions. These days, there are some compelling reasons to offer extra shipping options.

Merge Distribution Network

A new e-commerce business will have one or two distributors. Also, it will have a warehouse to store and ship the products. But even if you’re only selling online, you should hire extra shipping. You can get rid of extra storage facility space and hire more people to handle the shipping strategies. When you merge your distribution network, you also save money on shipping. When you store your products in a warehouse, you ship them out of state. This can cost a fortune if you’re not careful. You can save money on shipping by consolidating your warehouse with another company. If you’re already delivering packages for them, it saves labour costs. Besides, it saves on handling packages and getting them to their destination.

Identify Logistic Partners

Online shopping is convenient and fun, but shipping is a hassle. You need to find a brand image that can ship your product with the least cost and best service for your customer. Sometimes you don’t want to ship your product yourself. In that case, you’d better look for an online business partner. Online business shipping partners exist to save e-commerce entrepreneurs time and money. This applies to shipping products, whether they are personal or commercial. Some of these companies have websites to browse their services, prices, and orders. Others have regular offices to drop by in person to order or ask questions. The main thing to remember when choosing a partner is a reasonable price. There will always be a reason why a competitor’s shipping quote is less than yours. It can be their location, truck’s size, or ability to use more efficient packing materials. But, if all the other factors are equal, you should always go with the lowest cost provider first.

Final Words

Finding a solution to your unique shipping problems should be a joint effort. It would be best if you weighed the best options for your business. Also, it would help if you chose a solution that makes sense for your customers. If your customers receive cheaper shipping, they’ll be more likely to buy from you in the long term. And if they save time by receiving their order faster, they’re more likely to come back down the road. If it sounds like a win-win situation, that’s because it is for everyone involved.