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We all know the world is reeling from the effects of the deadly CoronaVirus. The CoVID19 has taken a toll on every human around the world. The countries are in a complete state of lockdown, the economies have shut down, and people are struggling to just make their basic needs met. In short, this is one of the hardest times the human race has ever known. In the midst of this all, let’s not forget that we do need basic items to survive. From food to clothing, medicines and home supplies, there is a need for a lot of items to keep us all sane and going amidst the social isolation and quarantine. Not to forget the need for sanitizers and toilet papers are at their apex.

Now that you understand what we mean, we do know how big of a dilemma it is to shop amidst all the crises. While supermarkets are either shut down or have long lines outside of them, people have no idea how to remain safe alongside keeping their needs met. Online shopping is a solution here. But, how can you order online without exploiting the needy workers or making sure they don’t bring the virus strain for you? Here is our exclusive guide to help you with that.


While we don’t recommend exploiting the delivery riders of online shopping stores, it is much better than physical shopping. Why? Just imagine hundreds of people going to a supermarket in a day, and even if they take all the precautionary measures, there might be a glitch here and there and the virus can transfer. On the other hand, when online ordering is allowed, only the rider will have to take precautionary measures before the delivery.

You can advise them to wear gloves and masks and keep a sanitizer outside of your home so they can use it if they feel the need to. In the end, hundreds of people staying at home are much better than them going outside and mingling.


Now is not the time to order that dress, watch or whatever you wanted to order for so long. Although we appreciate the measures taken by the supermarkets around the world by closing any department other than the basic grocery, you never know when people exploit online shopping and start ordering other items on sale.

Make sure you use websites like to compare between the assortment of products to make sure you are ordering the right and the cheapest one. and similar websites will also help you find the products that are out of stock at the majority of places.


Now that you have ordered, it is time to take precautionary measures before you get your stuff. Tell the rider to drop all your items at the doorstep. Make sure you do not choose cash on delivery and pay via card so that you do not have to exchange any sort of items and the human contact is zero. In case you do have to pay cash, make sure you place it at the surface and the delivery person can take it from there. As mentioned before, keep a sanitizer so that he can clean his hands if he feels the need to. Keep extra gloves and mask in case your rider needs an extra pair. A little human decency goes a long way.

Finally, make sure you clean the entire surface with an alcohol-based cleaner and your items as well. You don’t know how many people were involved in packing the stuff and if they took the right safety measures or not. Although the virus does not have an extremely prolonged life, precaution is better than cure.


Remember that the times are dire around the world. People who are running the supermarkets, working there and delivering to you are putting themselves at the stake so you can sit safely at home and get what you want. Even though they are being paid, no amount of money in the world is bigger than health.

Once you have your items, make sure you leave the review and mention the delivery person’s name who dropped your order at home. The world needs kindness right now, and you should give it in abundance.

This was a little guide we prepared to make sure that you have all the essentials you need while staying isolated at home due to the deadly CoronaVirus. Make sure you order only prerequisites and do not unnecessarily horde because we have already witnessed stores running out of necessities. There is no need to panic. Just plan and stick to it, and we are sure online stores will always be active to help you at this time.