Many organizations use Linux as part for their everyday business tasks and the demand for professionals who have expertise

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The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers a vendor neutral certification targeted at the entry level to senior level professionals. The organization is a non-profit body that promotes the usage of Linux, free software, and open source. Since inception, the organization has administered more than 500,000 examinations to candidates and four hundred training partners. Currently, the LPI is the biggest vendor neutral Linux certification body in the whole world. One of the reasons why LPI has remained relevant in the industry is the input received from a wide professional audience. Different Academia, private industry, Linux experts, and individual professionals offer input on examination questions to ensure that they are accurate, rigorous and relevant to the standard Linux system.

Many organizations use Linux as part for their everyday business tasks and the demand for professionals who have expertise in this area are on the rise. So if you are looking at building your career in this sought-after field, you might want to consider earning a certification in an LPI program.

The certification exam is designed to validate the candidate’s skills and knowledge in Linux management and different sides of its system administration. The program is vendor neutral, so that the students can demonstrate their versatility by working in different Linux environments. The certifications offered by this organization are well recognized all over the world and they have the potentials to distinguish you for promotion or stand you out among your peers in the job market.

What do you need to know about the Linux 010-150 certification exam?

Passing the Linux 010-150 certification exam will earn you the Linux Essentials Professional Development Certification (PDC). This is an entry level credential offered by the Linux Professional Institute. The certification is not a prerequisite for sitting for the LPIC-1 certification exam. However, it is an excellent way to learn the rudiments of Linux system and processes, especially if you are new to Linux. In addition to learning the basics, the certificate also validates your skills and knowledge in the field which makes it possible for you to get a job in an organization working with Linux. The Linux Essentials certification is useful for many industry professionals, from administrators, to developers, data analysts, and engineers. By preparing and writing the exam, you will be able to gain experience that will help you if you decide to go for other LPIC credentials.

Earning the certification also shows that you are familiar with different open source applications vs. closed source. It also indicates that you know the fundamentals of Linux operating system and you can manage files, restore operations, perform backup, write basic scripts, and run commands on command line.

To earn the certification, you will be required to write and pass a single exam, Linux 010-150. This certification does not expire and the exam fee is affordable. You only need to pay a sum of $100 to register and write the certification exam.

How can you register for the Linux 010-150 certification exam?

It is important to mention that you can write the certification exam via Pearson VUE. However, before you schedule your exam appointment with this training center, you will be required to register with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and get an ID. To register with LPI, you will have to visit their official registration site. You are not required to make any payment on the site because the registration process is free and within some minutes, you are done. As soon as you have gotten your LPI ID, you can progress to the Pearson VUE site to schedule your exam appointment. It is important that you keep your LPI ID handy because you will require the number to open a Pearson VUE account.

The LPI certification exams are usually revised regularly, so when you want to write the test, you will be allowed a period of six month to decide whether you want to use the old or new exam objectives. It doesn’t matter the version of examination you choose. Any version of the exam you decide to write will count towards earning your certification.

Prerequisite and requirements for taking the Linux 010-150 certification exam

First, it is important to mention that the current version of the Linux 010-150 certification exam is 1.5 and there is no prerequisite required for sitting for this test. This is because the certification is designed for entry level professionals who are looking for credentials to kick start their career in Linux operating system. The implication of this is that you do not have any excuse for not starting on this career path. All you need is to prepare for the exam, write it and earn your credential. You can then go ahead and apply for your desired job. There is no re-certification for the Linux 010-150 certification. Once you earn it, it is yours for life.

Details on the Linux 010-150 certification exam

The Linux examination is made up of 40 questions. The candidates are expected to complete the exam within a period of one hour. To prepare for the exam, it is important that you go through the LPI 010-150 Exam Questions and Answers. Review the exam objectives and understand what you are expected to learn before you go ahead to start studying for the test.

You can also go through the Linux Essentials Certificate Overview to learn more about the certification. There are different resource materials that are available to you that you can use for your exam preparation. However, when choosing materials, you have to be sure of the relevance and comprehensiveness of the materials. It will be a waste of time and financial resources to buy a book that has little or nothing to offer you.


If you are considering taking this certification, you might begin to look at job positions along the lines of Network Administrators, System Administrators, Technical Support Specialists, and System Engineers. IT professionals with the LPI certifications are in high demand and if you want to grow your career in this field, starting out with the Linux 010-150 exam is a good step towards achieving your career goals.