Outdoor Exhibitions And What You Need To Know

outdoor exhibitions

Image by International Transport Forum via Flickr

When it comes to attending a trade show or exhibition as an exhibitor, there are many things that you need to consider. The Marketing Donut website has some useful information that you can read before you attend an event. But if your exhibition is outdoors, there may be other things that you will need to consider. The British weather can be very fickle, so when you are attending an outdoor event, it is one thing that you should take carefully into account.

A Weatherproof Exhibition Stand

One thing about the British weather is that it can never be guaranteed; so when you are planning an outdoor event, you will need to plan for any eventuality. It is important that you construct a quality stand that is going to be suitable for any weather condition, and will keep your display safe and dry in the event of rain, or worse! You will need to find a quality company that has experience in this field such as outdoor exhibition stands specialist Aspect Exhibitions to help construct an eye-catching but practical display stand. Using the services of a professional and reliable company will help to ensure that you create a stunning display that you can use no matter what the weather throws at you. However, the weather is not the only thing to consider.


Being outdoors can have a big effect on the lighting that you would usually use for an event, especially if it is taking place during the day. The lights that you would use during the day may have to be brighter than you would usually use, and it is important that they are going to be weatherproof in the case of rain. If the event is at night time, then the clever use of lights can help to attract visitors to your stand which can help it to be a success.


Another aspect that you will need to consider is the sound system that you use on your exhibition stand. In an enclosed space, you are often competing for attention with other exhibitors, but outdoors you can find that the sound is not as clear as when in an exhibition hall. You will need to make sure that you use an audio system that is going to be able to be used outdoors adequately, being weatherproof and also able to be heard clearly.

The Benefits Of A Rainy Day

When the weather does work against you, and it rains during an event, this can work in your favour. If you can supply an area that is protected from the elements and gives people a place to shelter, you can attract people to your stand and interact with them almost like a captive audience. If you plan for any eventuality with the weather, it can work for you no matter what happens during the event. You can even get some promotional waterproof ponchos and give these away as a freebie when people attend your stand and sign up for your newsletter.

The key to any successful exhibition is in the planning; and if you plan for all weather types, you will be able to ensure that the event that you attend is a resounding success. Take your time and use the expertise of professionals and you will be able to make any event a success, whatever the weather!