How to Grow Your Service Business Online through Podcasting


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 Podcasting can be an interesting new medium with which to gain exposure in the online world. Having a website is beneficial. Establishing a blog with consistent material also helps. Even a prolific social media presence can keep a website relevant. But the format of the podcast can also lead to a better understanding of who the people are behind the website/business.

With a low cost of entry, anyone can setup the hardware necessary to create an audio experience that can be uploaded to iTunes, ready for anyone to download and listen to anytime during the day. During these productions, you can discuss the many ways your website or business differentiates itself from the competition.

Be Interesting!

First and foremost, one wants to be entertaining and engaging. This is crucial to retain the attention of listeners. Much like the way traditional radio shows work, one must keep things brief and to the point so that listeners remain tuned in and wanting to know and learn more. This will ensure that they keep returning to download future podcasts.

So that interest keeps generating, it would help to get the attention of local and known personalities in the field relating to your blog. People such as authors, professors, artists, actors and CEOs all could help generate buzz online and increase traffic and downloads. Having an active social media that presents clips of these interviews would also help in expanding your business’ brand and service.

Put Yourself Out There

Publishing to as many podcasting platforms can also ensure that as many people as possible will be able to download your podcast to their platform of choice. The choices are many, ranging from iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and SoundCloud (among many others). Among these platforms, you are also given the ability to measure and see how often your podcast is downloaded.

Next, it is important to included links to the podcast on your own website. Keyword optimization would also come into play as you’d want your podcast to be included in search engine results. So that more people become tuned to your podcast, it would also be a wise investment to buy advertisements for your podcast which should be placed in prominent website related to the topic of your podcast.

As traction continues to spread, it would help to create partnerships with other more well-known and established podcasts with bigger audiences. Cross-promotion of the product/service would be a win-win for both you and the other podcast.

Having a podcast is just another way of marketing your business so that consumers get to know you as well as your service. The knowledge they get from your website may not be enough if they don’t get to see and hear from the people behind it.

Although time and resources can be limited, a team such as those at Outsourced Growth can help in establishing a successful podcast. Engaging with your audience is crucial for success in the marketing world. With video and audio mediums, your audience can learn about you and your business and thus feel more compelled to share with others as they hear directly from you via these podcasts.