Partner with the Best SEO Company


The news this week has not been so great for residents of Thailand. Again, for the second time in 2021, COVID-19 infections have seemingly come out of nowhere to dominate headlines and shut down parts of the country. Businesses around Thailand know that this means they need to focus more on digital marketing and will be on the lookout for the best SEO company to take the reigns of the digital marketing output.

What is SEO, you might ask? Well, in this article, we will cover what SEO is, what its role is in a marketing plan, and what to look for when searching for the best SEO company to work with.

What is SEO?

SEO is an initialism that gets bandied about haphazardly, with few truly understanding its complexities. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is, in short, the process of performing marketing activities to rise the ranks of Google search results. 

Follow this basic scenario. Your business is an Italian restaurant in Thong Lor, and you want to make sure that when someone searches for “Italian restaurant Thong Lor” on Google, your site appears as one of the top listings. If it’s not, you need to perform SEO to get there.

SEO is a multi-faceted process that includes marketing activities like content optimization, link building, and improving website speed. These are all things that Google’s algorithm looks for when combing the internet during a search. How Google perceives your website dictates how it will rank your page.  

The best SEO company will be able to boil down and explain SEO in an easily digestible way and use data and statistics from other clients to show that their methods do, in fact, work. 

What is SEO’s Role?

Like all marketing plans, good brands don’t rely on one marketing activity. An effective strategy includes multiple marketing activities, and SEO is just one of those. 

Think about what SEO does. It helps your website get found when users search on Google. That’s essentially all it can do in the customer journey, but there are still many other steps to focus on. SEO brings potential customers to the door; your other marketing activities need to get them to open the door, come inside, and buy something.

The best SEO company will be able to offer guidance on complementary activities along with SEO. They will have experts on hand to perform some of those activities as well, should you need it.

What to Look For?

If you understand what SEO is and are sure that it is the key to unlocking your business’ potential, then you want the best SEO company available, not the best digital marketing agency. SEO is very technical and constantly changing, meaning you want specialists working on your campaign, not generic marketers. 

Check to see if the company you are interested in working with has the right SEO credentials, such as Google partnership or awards for SEO. These are quick identifying characteristics that the best SEO companies will actively promote, so they will be easy to find.