Pathmonk – The Website Extension to Automate Buyer’s Journey


Take a moment to think about the stages associated with the journey of a buyer. Some common answers will include awareness, interest, consideration, and the ultimate purchase. To put it simply, this journey essentially equates to the steps required in order to transform a potential client into a paying customer. Sales professionals have been aware of these processes for a very long time and in many ways, they are just as applicable within the digital domain. However, we also need to keep in mind that automation is becoming increasingly important in order to address the needs of individual users. Let us therefore take a closer look at how the buyer journey can apply to online sales processes, to appreciate the benefits of automation and to understand why many companies have chosen to outsource their CRM solutions. 

Automated Solutions for Modern Times

One of the challenges which countless businesses face is the ability to collate customer-related sales information in a useful manner (particularly when dealing with a large volume of leads). Buying journey automation is therefore critical so that each potential client can be identified within these specific stages

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration 
  • Decision or action (such as making a purchase)
  • Post-purchase engagement and feedback
  • Re-purchasing 

As you may have already guessed, automating the buyer’s journey will help to streamline the conversion process and to meet target sales margins. However, there are some other distinct advantages which are worth noting.

Increased Levels of Clarity and Insight

Automated software packages are now able to provide a level of insight that would be nearly impossible to achieve when employing more traditional in-house techniques. For example, highlighting the stages of each customer in relation to the overall buyer’s journey will help to point out which leads seem to be the most productive. This allows the sales staff to focus their efforts in a more targeted direction.

Furthermore, cutting-edge solutions will provide enhanced levels of client engagement. Although quality leads are obviously important, we also need to mention that communicating with these leads is essential during the conversion process. If a sales team is able to better appreciate the needs of a specific buyer, it will be much easier to develop personalised approaches in order to convert an interested party into a paying customer.

Another metric to mention here is that automated software bundles are extremely useful when attempting to manage the logistics associated with online sales. Examples include:

  • Scheduling a virtual product demonstration.
  • Confirming reservations for an upcoming webinar.
  • Identifying the best conversion rate optimisation solutions.
  • Reducing cart abandonment.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to develop a client engagement strategy that is able to proactively track every stage of the buyer journey. Sales staff and management can therefore make the right strategic decisions at the appropriate times.

The good news is that firms such as Pathmonk provide a number of bespoke solutions for the needs of modern businesses. Anyone who wishes to learn more can check out their customer stories or even schedule a free online demonstration of their software packages.

A sale does not occur in a single step. This is why modern automated tools can often equate to the difference between success and failure within such a competitive online marketplace.