PDFBear Guide: The Prime Tool On How To Add A Page Number In PDF For Free!


You will always need to have a reliable and easy access tool for altering and editing a specific document. Since almost everything is attempting to go paperless, there are certain times wherein it’s harder not to avoid particular issues when handling several copies all at once. 

It’s a good thing, PDFBear is always around the corner to assist and help you whenever there’s uncertainty with documents. You don’t need to have extreme skills and knowledge as PDFBear is developed to be streamlined and designed in a user-friendly interface. People of any age can use PDFbear without any complications. 

How To Add Page Number In PDFBear

To prevent the extraction of unnecessary and unreliability factors with your document, adding a page number to your copy will make it look more professional and organized. It can help your paper be more competent and reliable with PDFBear’s Add page to PDF tool. Just comply with these steps.

Choose the PDF file you want to add the page number and upload it into the toolbox. Wait for the document to finish uploading and start selecting the position where you want the page numbers to appear. Then, press “Number Pages” before you can save the newly converted file into your device.

By following these simple steps, everyone can freely put a page number to their PDF documents within a matter of seconds! Moreover, this PDF tool allows users to customize typography and place desired positions for their document’s page numbers. Individuals can also make the first page a cover page to avert page numbers on the cover.

PDFBear: Easy Sharing Feature

PDFBear has an easy file-sharing method. Besides downloading the files into the device after they have been successfully converted, you can directly send and share them to your friends or colleagues through their email address or any other online media accounts through a shareable link.

Even though the shareable link is only valid for 24 hours, asking for a new one is not a problem. If you wish to share it through email, click the email option and put the necessary information on the email tab. Then, press send. If via the link, copy and paste the shareable link into any mainstream media of choice.

PDFBear: What Can It Offer More?

Aside from adding a page number to PDF, PDFBear offers multiple tools and features that can turn documents into other file formats within a few clicks! It provides conversion tools such as PDF to Word, JPG, PNG, PDFA, Excel, PPT, HTML, and vice versa. Users can convert the other way around.

It does not only end there; PDFBear also offers incredible features like Splitting, Compressing, Merging, Repair broken documents, Securing a password to a file, Delete pages in a PDF, Unlock PDF, Adding a watermark, and many more. PDFBear is the best go-to and ultimate converter tool online.

Almost all of their tools have the same method of converting. The first thing to do is go to PDFBear’s website and select the tool you want to use for conversion. Then, upload the desired document into the toolbox. You also have the option to drag the file from your device for a more straightforward method. 

After uploading, PDFBear will immediately start the analyzing and converting process. At this point, all you need to do is wait while it’s doing its job before you can save and share with your friends. Users won’t go through any complications when they use PDFBear as it has all the solutions to anything file-related.

PDFBear: Available On All Computer Platforms

One prominent feature of this particular converter tool is its ability to be accessed in any operating system, available computer platforms, and several internet browsers. Since PDFBear is a web-based converter, there is no need to install or download it as it can be accessed through any system programs.

On top of that, PDFBear has excellent security as one of their top priorities is their user privacy and security. Every document and information that you have processed on their website will be permanently deleted after 60 minutes. An excellent quality an online converter can provide to its users.


Don’t stress yourself trying to find an online converter, as PDFBear can provide you with anything your document needs for free. It has remarkable security that can protect any sensitive and confidential file you may have. It’s truly the ultimate converter tool that allows users to help with their works and projects.