Penji Review- Unlimited graphic designs for your Business Needs


“A picture is worth a thousand words”!!! This is the famous proverb, it means an image can convey the message more effectively than a text. An excellent graphic design is worth thousands of dollars.

Graphic design is an excellent mode of communication between business and audience. Small and large businesses can create effective graphics and designs in every stage of marketing to grow their brand.

First impressions matter!!!

An excellent graphic design is vital for the business who are looking to make a positive impression. Whenever a visitor interacts with your website or blog for the first time, this moment will set a lasting impression. A good graphic designer is important to create a variety of graphics. The marketing materials include logo, website, business cards, brochures, social media campaigns, templates and more.

Without a second thought, graphic design is an excellent communication tool that allows a business to connect with target customers without hassles. Also, it’s an open fact that hiring an in-house graphic designer or freelancer can be expensive. If you’re running a small business or startup, recruiting a graphic designer and providing proper training can be time consuming and an expensive approach. 

No more worries!!!

On-demand graphic design services are on the hype. There are hundreds of on-demand subscription services available in the market, choosing the best service can be difficult for you.

Want to know the best graphic design service? Yes!!! It’s time to draw attention towards Penji. Penji is a popular and on demand graphic design service. Let’s dive into the topic

What is Penji?

Penji is a modern and on-demand graphic design service that lets you connect with graphic designer experts at a fair price. No matter whether you’re planning to design a logo, flyer, UI/UX or social media banner, you can send the job to Penji graphic designers. Receive creative output from professional graphic designers without spending huge bucks.

Penji turnaround time is below 48 hours. It means you don’t need to wait for ages to get your designs. Simply put, Penji offers unlimited designs for everyone at a fixed rate. Submit as many graphic design requests according to your business needs, you will be charged a fixed price for all your design requests.

How does Penji work?

Unlimited design projects

If you’re running an online business, you probably require several design tasks that need to be completed every month. Tasks may range from social media posts to advertising banners. However, if you’re running a startup or small business, hiring an in-house graphic designer can be expensive.

Big thanks to Penji!!!

Get subscribed to a monthly plan, submit the request and queue up unlimited graphic designs on Penji platform. Either you can request hundreds or thousand of graphic designs, it’s up to you. Penji has a professional graphic designing team, the designer will work on after the other effectively. They create attractive designs and graphics whenever you require. All you need to do is submit the request and queue up the projects according to your requirement on Penji. The platform is more economical than hiring a in-house designer or freelancer.

Unlimited revisions

Graphic design is one of the powerful assets in modern business. From creating the logo to social media banners, you require design to attract an audience. Penji works for you!!! Apart from designing unlimited graphic designs, Penji is also offering unlimited revisions. Yes, you’ve heard it right. You can enjoy unlimited revisions without additional charges. It’s no surprise that creating attractive and custom graphic design can be time consuming and a daunting task. Clients may not be completely satisfied with the initial graphic design or first draft. This is absolutely normal in the case of graphic designing.

While other on-demand graphic design services charge additional fee for revisions, this is not the case with Penji. The platform doesn’t charge a single penny for revision. If you want to revise, select the “point-and-click” feature and get your job done.

The key purpose of unlimited revisions is to improve your graphic designs even more. It’s your responsibility to revise the design until you’re satisfied.

Fast turnaround

How long does an in-house graphic designer or freelancer require to design a graphic? Nobody can estimate the time. The turnaround for designing the graphics can depend on the job. In-house team and freelancer doesn’t guarantee the accurate time of delivery.

Penji guarantees to deliver the service within 24-48 hours. Simply put, the first draft of the graphic designs are submitted in just 24 hours. The complicated graphic design can take longer time i.e 48 hours. Penji’s is offering fast turnaround, therefore the platform is a one-stop solution for the firm who always runs on the fixed schedule.

No Contract = No Commitment

Penji doesn’t force you to sign an agreement, deal or contract. Users will have complete control, it means they can subscribe or cancel the plan anytime. No matter whether you’re running an e-commerce business or marketing agency, Penji is right for you, especially when your business breaks down. Once you cancel the subscription plan, you’re free from payments.


An in-house graphic designer or freelancer can cost you hundred or thousand dollars per month. Penji is affordable, you need to pay $399 per month. Get high-quality designs, templates and graphics at rocket-bottom price. Penji doesn’t encourage hidden charges, what you see is what you pay. The subscription prices are fixed for every plan.

24×7 customer support

Penji has a dedicated customer team working around the clock. They respond to queries and focus on solving the problems instantly. Few Penji plans allow dedicated account managers to handle and monitor the work. Hence you don’t need to check the progress of the designs every time. Dedicated account manager will work for you and all you need to do is wait for the final draft. As a result, you’ll have a pleasant experience with the Penji customer support agent.

Downloadable files and formats

The Penji graphic designing team have completed your designs. Now, you’re ready to download the final draft. Penji users can download the design in multiple formats such as AI, SVG, PDF, PNG, JPG, EPS and more. While other subscription services offer specific formats or don’t have the format that you require. Penji allows you to download the design according to your preferred format. 

On the other hand, Penji offers the elements such as a play button, icon, symbols, etc that are used while creating your design. Every element of your design is shared and you’ve 100% control on it.


Let’s discuss one of the primary features of Penji – Pricing!!! It’s the cost-effective on-demand graphic design subscription service available in the market. Penji is the best platform for small, medium and large-scale businesses.

Penji is offering three subscription plans such as monthly, quarterly and yearly. There are no contracts and commitments and hidden charges are allowed on Pengi. Also, Penji users can cancel the plan at any time. All the plans offer 15-days money-back guarantee. No conditions, questions are asked while cancelling the plan. This will give you a peace of mind.

Pro – $399 per month

Penji Pro subscription plan is suitable for the people who are looking for just graphic designs. Get subscribed and enjoy unlimited design projects, unlimited brands, one designer and two users.

Team – $499 per month

Penji Team subscription plan is offering graphic design, illustration and UX/UI services. The Team plan is suitable for small and medium scale business. Get subscribed to the Penji Team plan and enjoy custom illustrations, infographics, five users and website & app design.

Agency – $899 per month

Penji Agency subscription plan is suitable for large enterprises. Apart from Pro and Team features, Agency plan is offering two designers, ten users and prioritized support.

Penji Review

Graphic design will make your website, blog posts, infographics, videos, flyers, templates and posts more attractive, compelling and drive the attention of the audience. On-demand service Penji has several benefits over hiring an in-house graphic designer or freelancer. One of the benefits is unlimited graphic designs. Subscribe to Penji plan and get design work done without hassles. No hidden charges and no commitment are the top reasons to choose Penji.