Personalised Video Marketing: 10 Tips to Instantly Connect With Your Customers


Connecting with customers is one of the most important goals for a business because. This can lead to deeper relationships with them and eventually long-term customer relationships. Creating these connections may take a while depending on the type of content that you are creating. However, if you want a way to instantly connect with your customers, you can do this effectively through personalised videos.

What are personalised videos?

Personalised videos are custom-made videos with a specific individual viewer in mind. You can incorporate personalised elements into these videos like the viewer’s name, photo, email, company, or job title directly onto the video.

What makes personalised videos so appealing to audiences is that they make the viewers feel special. Including personalised elements will surprise them and will make them pay more attention to what you want to communicate in the video.

Showing or even saying your customer’s name allows you to instantly connect with them on a more personal level that is just not possible with traditional videos.

Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

10 tips that will make sure your personalised videos will instantly connect with your customers

Here are 10 tips that will make sure that the personalised videos you will create will become effective in creating that instant connection with your customers:

1.Keep your personalised videos concise and straight to the point.

You will need to make sure that your personalised videos are concise so that the personalised message can stand out and will easily be remembered by your viewer.  Keeping the video in the range of about 1-2 minutes will be great as this can give you enough time to show a lot of personalised elements and incorporate a story.

2.Prioritise the use of visual personalised elements.

Since what you are making are videos, you would want to do your best to showcase personalised elements in a visual manner. This is so that viewers can immediately see what the personalised elements are in the video even if they are watching without any audio. You can start out the video by showing their name so that they can immediately get hooked with the video’s content and story that is about them.

3.Make your video’s script sound natural.

Another important tip to remember to make sure that you can instantly connect with your viewers is to make your video’s script sound as natural as possible. This is especially important if you plan on directly speaking to the viewer in the video as this would simulate having a real-life conversation with them. You should speak in a natural manner rather than present in a way that sounds obviously scripted since this is a video and message that is personalised for the viewer.

4.Present these personalised videos at an appropriate time.

Planning out the best time to present your personalised videos is highly important. These videos will be much more likely to spark that instant connection when they are presented during the acquisition stage. Presenting your personalised videos at this stage can make potential customers even more interested in your product and will make them feel more inclined to choose you over other brands.

5.Send personalised introductions and product demos.

One way to make your personalised videos more effective is to create personalised introductions to new customers and product demos to those that have already shown interest in you. These personalised introductions can help your sales team establish a connection with your customers because they make it easier for customers to attach a face to your business. You can also create personalised product demos to prospective customers that can highlight specific benefits of your products that can address the specific needs of that specific viewer.

6.Make use of the best software to create these personalised videos.

Making these videos can be a difficult task especially if you and your team do not have a lot of experience with editing videos. You will need to choose the best video editing software that is also easy to use. Another thing you should look out for is that the software, its resources and tutorials are easily accessible online. Some of the most popular video editing software programs you can check out include Apple’s iMovie and Final Cut Pro, Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, and CyberLink PowerDirector 365.

7.Use the personalised elements efficiently.

Less is more. While you may be excited to include a lot of personalised elements to satisfy your viewer, you should be efficient with your usage as showing too much will just annoy them. Don’t overwhelm the video with too many personalised elements as the viewer may get concerned that you are able to gather too much information about them. Only use personalised elements that are relevant for the viewer and will have an impact in urging them to perform your desired call to action.

8.Address prospects directly by sending personalised videos through email.

Your email marketing campaigns can get a huge boost when you are able to send personalised videos to prospective customers. Seeing personalised elements on an email text may not feel as special anymore since a lot of companies are doing it. However, if these elements are in a video, customers may be more likely to connect with you through email.

9.Make the viewers feel special.

When it comes to using these personalised videos, the most important thing you have  to remember is that these videos are made for the viewer, not for you. Engaging them and incorporating them into the content and story of your personalised video allows you to build a more personal connection with them. When your customers see that you have used this opportunity to create content that places all of the focus on them instead of your products, they will truly feel special when they watch it.

10.Create a call to action that is easy to understand and perform.

All of your efforts to instantly connect with your customers will be for nothing if you are not able to create a call to action that is easy for them to understand and perform. The point of connecting with customers is to develop it into something fruitful and actionable for both them and your business. You would want your viewers to take the next step with your brand and you are responsible for making this step as easy as possible so that they will immediately convert.