Phone cases: What are the different types and their purpose?


Do you want a new phone case? Then it is important that you review the kind of protection your mobile phone deserves so that your phone stays as protected and new as ever. In the market, there are various types of options for phone cases available from which to choose from. This article will talk about the different types of cases available and their purpose. Let’s begin!

Back phone cases

These are the most used and popular among smartphone users. As the name suggests, these protect the sides and back of your phone. They are popular due to their lightweight and convenience. If you choose the back cover, carefully you can maximize the protection for your phone. Moreover, you should also get a screen protector with your back case. This will safeguard the front of your phone, that is, the screen.

Wallet cases

Wallet cases, also known as folio cases, provide the most protection. This case safeguards not only the back but also the front of your phone. These cases can also be easily transformed to allow for convenient reading or movie watching. In addition to this, most wallet cases have a clear window in the front through which you can see the date and time as well as the caller’s name and number. The only drawback for this case is that it is a little big and heavy, and you will constantly have to flip it open and close.

Flip cases

These cases are similar to wallet cases, and they provide protection for both the back and front of the phone. But instead of opening horizontally, they open vertically. Some people find convenience in opening the case vertically instead of horizontally and prefer this over wallet cases.

Sleeves cases

You can slide your phone inside the Sleeve looking case. They offer protection for the back, sides, and part of the front. They are available in many designs and colors and are a cheaper option among phone cases. You can find them at CaseFace.

Shockproof cases

These covers are heavy and have a harder exterior made of strong materials like aluminum. But they are quite like the backplate case. Since they absorb shock and protect your device this way, they are the best when it comes to protection.  These cases are best for people who travel, play sports, or have a job that involves high places and chances of injuries.

Waterproof cases

These are plastic pouches with a sealing element that can either be a zip, button, clip, screw, or hook. They are bigger than your phone and thus allow you to easily take your phone underwater. These waterproof cases come in two materials. Polyurethane is a high-quality thermoplastic that is relatively expensive, but it keeps its elasticity and transparency for a longer time. Whereas a much cheaper option is polyvinyl chloride, but these are usually herding and crack over time.

Final thoughts

So now you know the various types of phone cases available, you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and lifestyle. If you are mostly traveling or engaged in activities, then go for shockproof or waterproof cases. If you lead a calmer lifestyle, then go for wallet, flip or back phone cases.