Planning To Buy a New Phone In 2017? Check Out Our Picks


Planning To Buy a New Phone In 2017? Check Out Our Picks

This is the era of smartphones and every now and then, you will find some new additions in the market. Investing in a smartphone has to be a ’smart’ move as there is a number of run of the mill products available in the market. So for the same reason, you need to have a better information about the brands and their products well in hand, before you plan to buy one. So to help you out, here I am with the top list of smartphones that you can plan to buy in this year.

  1. iPhone 7 Plus with big screen and dual cameras

No doubt the phone has amazing looks but, many are quite sceptic whether it is easy to hold or not. Here Apple has worked on the iPhone 6S design, made some changes in camera bump and antenna lines to come up with something better and yeah, you cannot stop noticing the 5.5 inch screen!

Things have greatly changed inside and this phone works on iOS 10. The A10 Fusion processor, as well as camera update for better zoom with 12MP sensors, are the few to mention. No doubt the phone is quite expensive and hard to fit your wallet. Still, you can manage to save a few bucks by making use of the Mobile Phones Direct voucher code.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with curvy features

If there were no iPhones, then Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge would have been the boss in the market as there is a fierce competition between the two to be the best. The phone has beautiful bends on the both sides as well as comes with a dual curved display.

Apart from the looks, the phone offers better battery life, stunning performance, mind-blowing camera and display. No doubt it is definitely the best one you can have on the Android platform.

  1. Google Pixel XL for the ‘large’ lovers

When you compare it with the former two models, it really becomes tough to choose the best. The attractive design and intuitive UI definitely heats up the competition. If you are a fan of large screens, you can simply choose it without any second thoughts.

The metal-glass chassis, best power processor, stunning camera features as well as the virtual assistance all makes this phone loveable. Here Google has put in its best efforts to come up with something outstanding.

  1. iPhone SE for small phone lovers

No doubt big screens are amazing but, what if you have small hands? It really makes it difficult to enjoy using the phone to the fullest. So such people are in search of phones that are just right for their palm but, without compromising on the high-end specs. iPhone SE which comes with a 4-inch screen is just right for you. 2GB RAM, Retina display, Apple Pay, 12MP rear camera and Apple A9 chipset all makes it adorable for the small palms!

Do you know the best thing about these phones? They are quite cheaper compared to other Apple phones. So you can easily have them in the budget and even make use of Dealslands offers to beat the price.

  1. One Plus 3T an amazing alternative

Yes, we talked about the big brands but trust me One Plus 3T has delivered up to the mark -at lower price tags. It changed the perspective of the mobile users with its introduction in 2014. This one is slightly expensive but then, comes with some amazing features too. You will find here a good camera, fingerprint sensor, HD screen, and powerful software.

Buying a phone is now more about style and features today. So making the right investment is very much essential so that you get the best of what you spend.