How a point-of-sale system can help your business thrive

point of sale

Last impressions are just as important as first. Think about it. A customer comes into your store. You help them find the right party dress or make them a cappuccino with the perfect smiley face or help them select the best motor oil for their 2011 Honda. Whatever it is you do, you do it to the very best of your abilities.

Now comes checkout. Your credit card terminal is a bit sluggish. You swipe once, twice. But chip cards are the new normal. You’re not even 100% sure of the device’s security anymore, technology seems to change daily. And you know you need to safeguard your customer’s data. All the while, a line begins to form, you need to be able to accept payments fast and your next customer wants to pay with his mobile device, using Apple Pay. Now what? And the next customer wants to pay with her watch!

All of your first, second and third impressions are being jeopardized by your last impression at checkout.

The right POS system can make great lasting impressions:

1) Think ahead.

It’s imperative that your POS software have the ability to process mobile wallet payments, such as Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, using contactless technologies such as near field communication (NFC). Today’s POS systems typically accept all forms of mobile payments. And, they have touch screens that respond like a tablet, putting all your day-to-day functions at the light touch of your fingertips. How’s that for advanced technology?

2) Think fast.

A POS “integrated system” is usually much faster than a simple terminal. Many stand-alone credit card terminals are still plugged into a phone line and take time to process. During busy times of day, some customers would rather walk out than wait. However, an integrated POS can process a transaction in a few seconds, so you can keep your lines moving, your sales coming in, and ultimately your customers happy.

3) Think integration.

The right integrated POS system not only accepts payments, but with smart apps they can also track inventory, manage employee schedules, engage customers, smooth business operations and lots more. That’s why they’re called “integrated.” And they allow you to customize your system as your needs change. Plus, POS systems also offer a cash drawer, so you can make a speedy sale with one integrated, on-the-counter device.

4) Think security.

Maybe most important of all, the right POS system can give you peace of mind. Today, businesses are liable for more than ever before. And security breaches occur all too often––even to the big guys. Customers are leery for good reason. Today’s integrated POS systems have extra layers of security built in. They’re required to stand up to the highest level of PCI compliance, and that’s protection for you and your customers.

When a customer walks out your door, you can feel good that you did your best to make a good first and last impression. And that’ll help any business thrive.