PostTrack Review – Universal Parcel Tracker


The internet has won many hearts across the world. Nowadays, everything is found on the internet. It’s absolutely true that the internet has simplified every process – online shopping is one among them. Shoppers prefer online shopping than conventional shopping. The three main advantages of online shopping are convenience, price and variety.

Whenever people receive the parcel that was ordered online, people get often overly elated. Shoppers may feel like the parcel is a surprise gift, though shoppers have paid money for themself, the joy of opening the parcel is priceless. Excitement and anxiety grips shoppers. They wait day and night to get a call from the delivery guy and jump downstairs like a kid to receive the parcel.

Customer experience is the central focus of online shopping platforms. Allowing the customers to track their parcel at every stage is one of the powerful ways to enhance the customer’s experience. Order tracking is the primary area that every buyer would look forward to. This will keep them up-to-date with the parcel location. Also, let the customers know about the exact delivery time.

Order placed and order received successfully!!! These are the happy phrases for all the shoppers. There are many things that would take place during these two phrases. It includes order processing, order packaging and shopping process. Among all the processes, shipping is the most important step. Popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart and eBay will have their individual logistics to deliver the parcels. Customers can keep track of their parcel and stay updated with the parcel status. No more phone calls and no more emails, visit the website and track your parcel.

Wait a moment!!!

What if you’ve ordered a book on Amazon and a laptop on eBay, visiting two websites to check the parcel status can be overwhelming. No more worries!!! PostTrack is the perfect solution for you.

What is PostTrack?

PostTrack is a popular Parcel Tracker & Manager to track the parcels without hassles. Their ultimate goal is to create an excellent parcel system and gladly their team have achieved fruitful results. It’s no surprise there are hundreds of parcel tracking tools available online, Post Track has gained a special place and stood out from the competition.

Why does everyone prefer Post Track?

The answer is straightforward!!! Post Track allows shoppers to trace their parcel from multiple carriers. Sounds amazing right!!! Shoppers can track their parcel even if they’re unaware of the carrier name. A tracking number is just enough to track the parcel from anywhere at any time. Without a tracking number, tracking the parcel is not possible.

Post Track is available on App Store and Play Store. Shoppers can download the Post Track app and track their parcel at their fingertips. Whether you’re planning to track Wish parcels or GearBest, Post Track is a one-stop destination for you.

Enough said!!! Now, let’s have a look at Post Track Features

Parcel Tracking

Can you track your parcel in real-time with Post Track? A big YES. The platform offers real-time tracking. With the advancement in technology, customers and manufactures can track their package using the tracking number. From the shipment to parcel delivery, Post Track will track without hassles. Within a single click, shoppers can get complete information about the parcel location and current status.

On the other hand, Post Track offers bulk parcel tracking. Shoppers can track upto 40 parcels just by entering the tracking number. Ultimately, shoppers can save their quality time using Post Track.

Efficient parcel manager

Knowing the parcel status is now easier than ever with the Post Track Parcel Manager. With an efficient parcel manager, shoppers and manufactures can track their parcel without a middle-man. Shoppers can save their time to visit multiple websites for tracking their parcels. Post Track is offering a user-friendly interface, shoppers can easily find and track upto 40 parcels. Post Track Parcel Manager is responsible to provide complete details about the pick-up or delivery status of the parcel. Shoppers need to enter a tracking number, product link and parcel note to track the parcel. Also, shoppers can receive real-time notification via alerts.

Multiple carriers

International carriers and postal services are encouraged on Post Track. With universal parcel tracking, shoppers can easily track their parcel via tracking number.  Whether you’re planning to track your parcel on FedEx or Wish, the process is simple and easy. Click on the carrier, enter the tracking id and hit the “TRACK” button. Hurray!!! Now get complete information about your parcel. Getting the information with minimum data is only possible with Post Track. Post Track supports more than 350 carriers.

24X7 Customer Support

Customers are the top priority for Post Track. The platform has an experienced and professional customer support team to help their customers around the clock. By offering top-notch customer support, Post Track is building trust and loyalty. By providing good customer service, Post Track is generating positive word-of-mouth about their services. Apart from their website, Post Track is helping customers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The platform is offering its service in three languages, sounds cool.

Instant notifications

Want accurate and easy instant parcel tracking on the website or mobile? Post Track is just for you. The platform is broadly focused on one thing i.e tracking the parcels and sending the instant notification about the parcel deliveries. If you’re a desktop user, you can receive the notification via email, mobile users can receive a push notification. The notification will be sent according to parcel delivery status.


Hope you’re impressed with the extraordinary features of Post Track. Another happy news for you. You don’t need to pay a single penny to enjoy these features. Simply put, Post Track is FREE of cost. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Post Track is offering its service for free. Hurray!!! Let’s visit or download the Post Track and get complete information about your parcel right away.

Wrapping up

Receiving the parcel will make the shoppers happy. Whether it’s a good day or bad day, opening the parcel will bring a million-dollar smile on their face. Also, tracking multiple shipments can be a daunting task for shoppers. Post Track is here to rescue. Shoppers can track their parcel with tracking id and also receive instant notification regarding the delivery status. Sounds amazing right!!! Post Track is offering an excellent set of features and services to online shoppers. It includes bulk package tracking, package manager, email notification, customer support, online shopping websites, parcel archive and more. Enjoy these services at zero cost.