Premium Locations For Your Office


 The advantages of strategic location for your business are manifold. To cater to this, there is a specialized segment of real estate that offers completely functional office spaces in premium locations. Such serviced offices take away a lot of burden by way of setting up and maintenance and helps put this time into productive use. Such choices are not limited to small businesses or start-ups, but even big Corporates prefer to go in for serviced office spaces as it makes operations a lot easier.


What is a Serviced Office?

Serviced offices are those that are taken care off completely by the real estate company. Their services include furniture and furnishings, designing and maintaining the interiors to cater to the needs of the office, secretarial services, electricity, lighting, water and even cleaning services and security and also with round coffee tables. In short, the business needs to take care of only getting the employees to meet targets; their comforts are already taken care off. There is wide variety available for businesses to choose from this kind of real estate. There are reliable companies that manage such offices in various locations in different cities. Their rates depend more on the location, size and kind of services on offer. Office spaces in the business district of the city may be a tad costlier than those in the suburbs but they are usually located in addresses that can have a tremendous impact on clients. The lease agreements are usually for a shorter duration when compared to conventional commercial real estate, but this then offers more flexibility for the business. Such short term leases allow room for changes, like for new business that see an increase in employee numbers, they can move on to different premises without having to invest in a bigger space from the beginning. Such serviced offices are maintained very well and have all the latest furniture and amenities in place. The workstations are designed in such a way that they offer enough breathing space and comfort for employees.  Thus operations get highest priority; otherwise the business will have to invest on a dedicated team to take care of the running of the office and employee comforts.


Choices in Serviced Offices

Serviced offices do not come with any operational limitations. There are different kinds of serviced offices to cater to the various needs of clients and these include long term office rentals, short term rentals, branch offices, start-up spaces, part-time offices etc to name a few. The services offered include complete maintenance of the space, with a conference/meeting hall also available as per requirements. The biggest advantage of dealing with reliable real estate agents for such commercial property is their location choices. An office that can be easily reached by public as well as private transport, an address that clients can easily relate thanks to the prime location can work wonders for the business. To take it one step further, now days, industry specific locations are being developed. This makes it a lot easier for clients to locate you and also provides businesses a chance to learn and operate along with healthy competition.

Some of the serviced offices have also built best emergency light in the office premises. This type of light is very much useful and has long lasting emergency battery backup.

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