The proactive startup: 5 crucial steps to startup success in Hong Kong



When you are looking to get your startup off the ground in Hong Kong you need to have a few things under your belt before you get going – otherwise you risk failing before you’ve even begun. There are a few key talents or skills that you will benefit from having, in order to optimise your chances of success in the startup world. While you might have had ten years running a company for someone else, if you haven’t had the experience of working for yourself you might find it a whole lot harder to hustle for business or to roll with the punches. Let’s take a look at these steps to success.

Be passionate about your product

When you are just starting out in the startup world, you need to be able to sell your product to practically anyone. After all, you never know who you are going to meet, and who is going to be your next big investor or big sale. The biggest sales tool that you have for your product is you, in that when you are explaining what is incredible about your product, you can show people the worth of the product in how passionate you are. If you’re passionate about your product it will sell itself. In Hong Kong a lot depends on the first impression, so be prepared to show your product off.

Be prepared to graft hard

One of the big things about working in a startup is how hard you are going to need to work, and how many hats you are going to need to wear at any one time. If you are leading a startup, you are going to have a lot of people who are investing their time and energy into your idea as well, and they’re going to be enthused by how enthusiastic you are. It’s important to have lots of team and morale building opportunities available (as a way to build your team) but it’s also going to be a lot about hard work. A great ethos to adopt, is: “Work Hard, Play Hard”. This happens a lot in Hong Kong startups, if Friday afternoons in the Hong Kong business district is anything to go by!

Ideas are good. Developed ideas are great.

Another part of running a startup is having lots of excellent ideas about how to do business and how to improve things. That’s great – because it’s great to have lots of ideas, but it’s even better to have a lot of developed ideas. An idea is great, but an idea with legs – now something that you can really work with! If you’re not sure how to develop your ideas, think about enlisting into webinars, or engaging in some think-tanks. There are plenty of these in Hong Kong.

Be proactive, not reactive

When you are running a startup, you are going to have a lot of different things happening every day and a lot of goalposts shifting and changing.  As a result of this, you need to ensure that you are being proactive and not reactive to events. If you are proactive, you anticipate that things will change and you are prepared for them. If you are reactive, you aren’t prepared for change, and as such changes can cause problems in your workflow, and can take more time and money to fix. So, you can see the benefit of being proactive.

Strategise, don’t be a bystander

In your Hong Kong startup you are going to be faced with problems. When problems occur, you need to strategise ways to fix them, as opposed to standing idly by and hoping that they fix themselves. This is going to be the difference between your company being successful, and perhaps not so successful. If you’re unsure about how to get that strategic mindset, watch webinars, or speak to people about what they’ve done in the past to get to where they are. A mentor can help.

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