These Professional Software Help In Your Business Growth


Every business required some tools or software to manage their workplace and confidential data. A different organization has different work structure which brings different complexity such as managing client information, employee communication, monitoring customer query, maintaining the records of inventory and making reports to analyze the business performance and growth. With the increase in competition and workload, many professional software companies have entered the market to provide straightforward and easy work management solution through their business-oriented software like Kayako an intercom alternative to support large teams and grow productivity.

Currently, many software companies also known as software vendors are available in the market that provides a most efficient solution to minimize cost and maximize productivity. Different companies are leaders in various sectors such as file hosting, communication, and internal audit. If you are not aware which software is best for your business, then we will help you to give best business professional software list available in the market.

Our Software Mainly Focused on the Different Business Needs

  • Accounting Software
  • Business Data Protection Software
  • Document Software
  • Customer Relationship Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Workplace Management Software
  1. Accounting Software: Business accounting software used to maintain and calculate business financial transaction such general ledger, tail balance, and payroll. Before buying any accounting software make sure that clearly define which task you are going to manage and select the best software for your organization. This software typically comes with different packages; you can choose this software based on the number of employee, usage and time. Below are some popular accounting software currently available in the market.
  • QuickBooks: Provides various accounting related services such as automatic transaction record with easy setup and simple setting. You can also calculate your taxable payment through QuickBooks, plus you get the benefits of accessing your data from anywhere because of its automatic backup on cloud feature.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: This software provides a complete solution to enterprise requirements such as business resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management and resource management. Microsoft Dynamics are precisely helpful for services, manufacturing, and financial based industry. Microsoft Dynamics are easily compatible with Outlooks, Sharepoint and Office 365.
  • Sage: Just like other popular accounting software, Sage 50 offer various premium feature in accounting software for medium size business at affordable price. The prominent features of Sage are quick and simple access, desktop version support, cloud synchronizing facility and unlimited access to support service.
  1. Data Protection Software: Business Data Security Tools relates to protecting business information through unknown hackers, virus and malware attacks. Nowadays the Cyber attacks are the most common name we hear in the news. With an increase in online business and cloud computing, we come to a stage where our data can be accessible by hackers if we do not use some professional tools and cyber security measurement within the organization.
  • Comodo: The well-known name in the cyber security industry, Comodo provide the most efficient solution in network safety and affordable security products to small and medium scale business. Comodo offers various security tools such as malware scan, SSL certificate, firewall protection, device management and internet security software.
  • Symantec: A leading US based software company that provide the widest range of SSL Certificate products to the small, medium and large-scale enterprise. Target to business requirement Symantec offers Extended Validation Certificate for Validate business, Organization Validation to validate business and Domain Validation Certificate to validate your business website Domain.
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security: Kaspersky Endpoint Security provides affordable security solution to protect a business from various Cyber attacks and threats. Kaspersky Endpoint Security provides multi-layer security to business with advanced machine intelligence and human expertise.
  1. Document Management Software: Document Management software also known as Enterprise Content Management software help Organization to manage their stored files and external created documents and records. The primary benefits of digital document management are to reduce usage to paper and reduce administration cost and easy accessible old data. Nowadays employee can also access their information from any anywhere in the world through cloud hosting feature with secure encryption facility.
  • LogicalDoc: LogicalDoc is a powerful tool to provide extra support to the enterprise for documents management and providing control to access their files from anywhere in the world. LogicalDoc provides fast content delivery, and multi-user facility to work at the same time for better team collaboration. LogicalDoc also supports Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • eFileCabinet: It is the most efficient file sharing and online management tool. eFileCabinet allows a user to access the document from any device like desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The user can also view files through its powerful search bar and additional search functionality like sorting.
  • SharePoint: It is a well know web based application developed by Microsoft Corporation. Sharepoint provides additional features to manage internal organization files like creating, managing and sharing documents through your business email and password.
  1. Customer Relationship Management Software: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software help business to manage their customer information to improve leads and sales. To manage client information and reduce extra cost CRM software should apply in the organization for the smooth workflow. CRM software is beneficial if you want to store customer data, record business information such as client and contacts, marketing agenda, training and maintain automate sales. – Done
  • Salesforce: With Salesforce you can manage your important sales lead and take a right decision to improve your employee productivity. Salesforce provides a clear solution to your sales team through its powerful feature of handling complex information in the single section. Some prominent feature of Salesforce makes it the leader in CRM software industry such as Call Management, Customer Support, Web Forms, Document Management and Referral Tracking.
  • Zoho CRM: Launched in 2005, Zoho Office suite provides SAAS service worldwide. Zoho Office suite mainly provided web-based application such as word processor, spreadsheet, and email management program to different types of business. Zoho offers both free and paid service to the user.
  • Hubspot: Hubspot is the best tools for small and medium scale business, who wants to manage all their documents and information on a single platform with the customizable option based on their organization requirement. The basic edition of Hubspot is free, although you can buy feature.
  1. Inventory Management Software: Inventory management software helps you to track and manage all the stock related information available in your store and warehouse. Your inventory related information such as purchase and sold stock, low stocks warning and all customizes monthly stock reports visible at the single desktop. Nowadays you can also check your inventory from anywhere in the world through cloud-based feature.
  • Fishbowl: Fishbowl gives excellent sales support through tracking your stock more accurately. You can track your stocks through serial number and lot size with their customizable and user-friendly interface. Fishbowl customizes reports helps to measure order, sales and client information through their dashboard.
  • TradeGecko: It has a most reliable and easy-user-interface, that makes TradeGecko more reliable for small and medium scale business. A B2B marketing company can quickly set their inventory channel in just a few clicks. Plus TradeGecko also offers mobile software which gives the user freedom to manage their stock from anywhere. It also provides reports through their analytic section for better interpretation.
  • Contalog: Contalog is a centralized inventory management tools that track your warehouse stock information through its dynamic control feature for better management in store, secure and distribute of your business assets. Contalog Record all your storage related information such as stock availability, damage stock, return stock of single or multiple warehouses in a single desktop.
  1. Workplace Management Software: Workplace Management Software helps any organization to optimize and manage currently available resources in their organization to improve productivity and reduce idle employee time. The workplace management software is useful for business which engaged in real estate, project planning, facility provider and maintenance related activity to increase productivity.
  • CEIPAL Workforce: One of the top-rated workplace management tools provide an efficient solution to organizing business resource and employee work monitoring through its time sheet, leaves, business expense, contact database and employee document management features. Employee and administrator can also take advantage of mobile portal for anywhere access.
  • UltiPro: If a business needs workplace organization software with calculating budget and forecasting, UltiPro is the best choice for them. With UltiPro software you can manage various employee related information such a skills tracking, appraisal, workplace variable and resource budgeting. The company can adequately track their employee performance through a single platform.
  • Kronos: When we required tools for managing organization workforce globally, Kronos the first choice for every multinational company. It has a secure cloud-based system that helps business to manage their employee timesheet, attendance, leave, task scheduling and productivity measurement. It has a powerful dashboard that supports organization to take a reasonable step to managing resource and workload. The user can view overall workplace report in a single dashboard through its analytic feature.